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The Dyson Digital Slim™ Vacuum: Floor to Ceiling Cleaning

DC35 is the Dyson Digital Slim™ cordless vacuum cleaner. ‘Digital’ because it uses Dyson’s patented digital motor, making it power efficient.

‘Slim’ because it has a lightweight detachable long-reach wand.

Lightweight and powerful, DC35 offers portable Dyson power – when and where you need it most. Click on the video below to watch the DC35 TV advert.

From skirting boards to cobwebs in corners, it provides floor to ceiling cleaning. And the wand can be removed to use the machine as a handheld – making it ideal for cleaning stairs and inside the car.

Five times faster than an F1 engine

Conventional electric motors work by passing current through carbon brushes, making them spin. This produces sparks, heat and wasted energy.

The Dyson digital motor works differently. It uses intelligent electronics to constantly adjust a powerful magnetic field – spinning up to three times faster than traditional motors, and five times faster than a Formula One engine. It’s what makes DC35 the most power efficient cordless vacuum.

Powerful, constant suction

Like all Dyson vacuums, DC35 uses patented cyclone technology to spin dust and dirt out of the air. Combined with the Dyson digital motor and a fade-free lithium-ion battery, this provides DC35 with constant, powerful suction. It has twice the suction power of any other lightweight cordless vacuum in use.

Carbon fibre brush bar

The brush bars of most other vacuums are made from stiff nylon bristles. These remove ground-in dirt from carpets but are not as effective on hard floors, where fine dust can be left behind.

Dyson engineers have developed carbon fibre brush bar technology to improve pick-up of fine dust on hard floors.

DC35 has a motorised brush bar with both carbon fibre filaments for removing fine dust on hard floors, and stiff nylon bristles for removing dirt from carpets.

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