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The C660-10D: A Relatively Powerful Laptop from Toshiba

TOSHIBA C660-106 15.6

Rating: ★★★☆☆


On first impressions, I was slightly disappointed with this C660-10D from Toshiba as I felt it appeared a little plasticy and even slightly outdated. The dimpled patterned lid and wrist rest look and feel a bit flimsy. However, one benefit of the non-glossy finish is that you wont be worrying about constant finger prints.

The trackpad is good. It sits nice and flush with the wrist rest and is wide enough to let you easily sweep the cursor around the screen, although I am used to a smoother feeling pad than this, so it did feel a bit strange to touch at first. The two large buttons underneath felt quite sturdy and produce a distinctive click when you press them.


The C660-10D’s display is very reflective which meant it was slightly awkward to view at certain angles. However, the resolution of 1,366×768 pixels is pretty impressive and the appearance of text in documents and on websites was nice and clear once I got the screen positioned correctly.

The glossy coating on the screen generally made colours look more vivid, but, on the other hand, was very reflective, which was a bit uncomfortable under overhead lights.

The keyboard was a disappointment. The keys were clunky and rattled quite badly when I typed and didn’t feel all that comfortable or responsive.


With regard to outputs, you only get two USB ports, a VGA output, but no HDMI port which is something that’s becoming standard on most machines. This means you can’t connect to an external high-def source, such as a TV or monitor. Even the LAN port is limited to 100Mbps Ethernet, when most of today’s laptops offer a Gigabit Ethernet support.

The C660 also has a DVD re-writer and a large 320GB of storage space, which is a generous amount of space to ensure you have lots of entertainment on the go.

The laptop uses a dual-core Intel Pentium processor and 3GB of RAM which allows for good performance such as gaming and watching movies.

The speakers were of good quality providing a better bass than other laptops speakers I have experienced in the past.


The battery life provided enough to make it good for portability, lasting for around 3.5 hours.


  • Low Price Tag
  • Good size hard drive
  • Lightweight


  • Design
  • Keyboard
  • Lack of Ports
  • Old fashioned design
  • Clunky keyboard
  • No HDMI Port


The Toshiba C660-10D is okay for a basic machine but I felt there were quite a few things that could have been easily improved to make it more appealing to a wider audience, especially given the extensive range of laptops available on the market today.

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