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The Best Tech for your Euro 2012 Party Kick-off

With Euro 2012 kicking off, all thoughts are now turning to how well England and the Republic of Ireland will do.

But brushing that negativity aside, it’s the perfect opportunity to invite your mates over to watch the big games.

Whether it’s England, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Croatia, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, the Republic of Ireland, Ukraine or Poland - there’s plenty of scope in the next three weeks to get your pals together and enjoy the footie being beamed from Poland and Ukraine.

So how can you make any footballing party go with a swing? Well, here are some ideas of gadgets, gizmos and technology to buy that can help you either celebrate or make your sorrows of supporting the losing national team easier to suffer.

» DigiHome 19 inch LED TV with built-in DVD

If you plan on commandeering the main television every day and night for the next couple of weeks then you might need to invest in a second set for your partner or the kids. This 19 inch television has an LED screen although only delivers 720p HD rather than full 1080p HD. But it is very low-priced and also offers a DVD player built-in so they can watch a film seeing as there won’t be much on the box anyway, other than football.

» Kenwood Ice Cream Maker

We might not think it’s summer because of this rubbish weather but it really is. And what better way to watch football on TV than with a nice ice cream. Making your own doesn’t have to be a struggle using a machine like this and you could come up with some tempting team flavours in the different national sides colours and tastes.

» Proline Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is another decent treat to scoff while watching football from Euro 2012 on TV but let’s not be having any of that ready-made bagged stuff from the supermarket. Make your own in this machine and it’ll be tastier and healthier, meaning you can enjoy every mouthful much more. It also comes in red, perfect for showing your support for England.

» George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine

With this weather you can’t rely on the sun shining for a Euro 2012 BBQ so get the burgers and sausages cooking on this popular machine, that will allow all the fat to run off and away. This is a compact two portion version, just for yourself, but there are bigger ones available should you have a larger appetite or a few more friends over in the living room.

» Proline Sandwich Toaster

More half-time grub ideas comes via this budget sandwich toaster that’ll fill you up mid-match with a nice tasty toasted sarnie with the insides of your choice. You could even place it next to you on the couch having pre-made the food before kick-off so you don’t have to miss a minute of the commentary analysis during the 15-minute break.

» Pure DAB 1500 Personal Radio

Even if you’re not indoors to watch the football, you can at least listen to it wherever you are using this personal DAB radio from Pure. It features 20 presets for DAB stations, an FM tuner and scrolling text to tell you which channel you are on. It even comes with a pair of earbuds.

» Apple iPad

It is an expensive purchase purely for Euro 2012 but at least if England don’t do very well, you can lessen the anger and hurt by knowing you have this gadget for life. You can use it to watch the football matches live using apps such as iPlayer and keep in touch with all the scores and fallout from the news stations and papers. And if all else fails, you could download a football game and win the trophy yourself. It might be the quickest way to see it come to the UK in your lifetime.

» Official Euro 2012 app

Get all the latest news, views, scores and data from the official app of Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. It features all the teams – England, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Croatia, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, the Republic of Ireland and the two home nations. It’s free too and available for all iOS devices including iPhone and iPad as well as Android users from Google Play.

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