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The best tablet out there, but does it do everything you need?

Apple iPad

Rating: ★★★★☆

Over the Christmas period I was lucky enough to get a chance to have a go on the new ipad. My brother works for a company that have there own ipad magazine, so I made sure he brought it along on Christmas day. Turning it on and seeing the screen flash up straight away, I knew this was something special, the way surfing the web should be – instant and fun.

Everything is very intuitive and if you have an iphone you already know how everything works, my mum gave it a go and after a few mins was declaring that her netbook was really slow and rubbish.

Its not all about the web though there are the apps as well and this is where i think the ipad outshines the other tablets and netbooks, 1000′s of great apps and constantly being updated.

However its not perfect it doesn’t use flash so some of the world wide web is out of bounds. This isn’t really designed for work, this is not about word docs this is the device you sit back on the sofa and idle away a few spare hours, with out that monday morning spreadsheet on your desktop sending a chill down your spine.

The sound quality is ok but with all small portable devices struggles as you turn the volume up. I didn’t have the 3g version just the wi-fi so was unable to test it out doors, but at the current prices not sure many would want a 3g one as well as the monthly 3g bill.

You get to use itunes and ibooks, so you can download films, music, books and now new online newspapers and magazines.

The potential for the ipad is vast and the experience very personal depending on the content you put on it.


  • loads of great apps
  • looks great
  • great graphics
  • good battery life


  • expensive
  • not a full web experience - no fash
  • need another computer to set it up
  • not a replacement for a laptop


In conclusion I would only recommend the cheapest ipad, but it is not a laptop replacement, the keyboard screen is defiantly not for essay writing.

This is essentially a fun luxury item to surf the web and use all the great apps. Plus it might be worth holding out for version 2 that is rumored to have an additional front facing camera.

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