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The Best Nintendo Wii Games for Christmas

If there is one games console certain to get the whole family moving after Christmas dinner then it’s the Nintendo Wii.

It won’t matter how stuffed with turkey or mince pies you, dad or granny are, there’s always a reason to get off the couch when there’s a Wii in the living room.

But what are the best Nintendo Wii games to buy and wrap under the tree as presents, or save for some family fun during the festive period.

Here’s my guide to the pick of the Wii games on sale now and due out before December 25. You can find the best PlayStation 3 and Xbox games for Christmas at the end of this link.

Just Dance 3 – Out Now

One of the most popular Wii games ever, the latest in the Just Dance range comes complete with more than 40 classic and new hits to get that party started. Team up with friends to
choreograph unique moves and use the Just Sweat It Out game to workout too. Tracks to look forward to include those from 2 Unlimited, Girls Aloud, Katy Perry and Queen.

Mario Kart Black Wii Bundle – Out Now

If there’s one classic Nintendo game that’s great for multiplayer then it’s Mario Kart. Everyone loves that moment when you fire a shell to knock out your opponent’s kart or lay a banana skin on the track for them to slip and slide on. This bundle makes a great present that the whole family can take advantage of. It features the Mario Kart game, a black Wii Wheel to drive from the sofa and the newly-updated black Wii console.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Out Now

Another one of Nintendo’s classic characters gets a new adventure on the Wii and this could well be the most bought Wii title this Christmas. Promising the deepest gameplay, it has taken more than 100 people a whopping five years to create. Follow hero Link into the Faron Woods as he goes off on a rescue mission in search of Zelda with the Wii remote acting as your trusty sword and slingshot. Watch a video of Skyward Sword on PluggedIn right here.

Get Up And Dance – Out Now

Once the Christmas dinner is done with, what better way to work off those excess calories than with a dancing session? This game is good for all ages and has a Party Mode that can be played with up to eight friends or family. Tracks include everyone from Donna Summer to Billy Ray Cyrus and Noisettes to The Pussycat Dolls with the official music videos playing on screen as you bop.

Now That’s What I Call Music! Dance & Sing – Out Dec 2

Similar to Get Up And Dance, this also adds some karaoke to the dancing. Made in partnership with music label EMI, it’s based on those classic albums featuring all your favourite songs of the past few months. This includes tracks from Dizzee Rascal, Rihanna, JLS and Jessie J with 16 No1s among its 30 tunes.

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games – Out Now

As London gears up for the Olympic Games next year, Mario and Sonic are already at their marks. This sporty title will test you and your family in a host of events such as Football, Show Jumping and Canoeing as well as the 100m Sprint and even Table Tennis. It’s also set to be bundled with a brand-new blue Wii console especially for this Christmas.

Kirby’s Adventure – Out November 25

Everyone’s favourite little pink creature is back for plenty of platforming fun. Players must guide Kirby after an alien spaceship crash lands on Planet PopStar in a bid to find all the parts. You can play with up to three friends all taking a different character – Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede or Waddle Dee. There’s even a new Ninja-style mini-game using the Wii Remote.

Go Vacation – Out Now

The weather may have been bright and sunny for longer than usual but there’s no doubt it’s getting colder. So this is the perfect tonic, turning your front room into a warm island where you can take on one of 50 activities. Explore Kawaii Island and multiplay on the split screen with challenges ranging from surfing to beach volleyball and scuba diving. You can even use the Wii Balance Board as part of the fun.

Zumba Fitness 2 – Out November 25

Once Christmas is over and New Year beckons, all thoughts turn to getting healthy and losing weight. So get a head start with this title based on the popular exercise regime. Mixing music with body movements, you’ll soon be working up a sweat without all that pain and suffering or cutting out those foods you love.

Rayman Origins – Out November 25

This classic platformer is celebrating 15 years since it first launched. And this version harks back to some classic characters and their 2D looks. With more than 50 levels to work through, there’s plenty of fun to be had from Christmas Day through Boxing Day and right into January with lots of extras to unlock and find.

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