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The Best Indoor TV Aerial

A new high powered multi-patch indoor TV aerial promises to end problems with digital TV reception.

If like me you have a digital TV with inbuilt Freeview and no extra digital receiver then you may occasionally experience the irritation of disrupted TV reception.

With digital TV interference it’s less about the fuzzy screen associated with analogue reception problems – which you could sometimes rectify by retuning or bashing the TV aerial in frustration – and more like a stuck DVD. Frustratingly it can often leave the audio out of sync with what is happening on screen. It can, of course, ruin a good TV show.

So you may be interested in hearing about a new amplified indoor antenna that promises to give superb reception on all digital and analogue TV channels.

The new SV9390 indoor TV aerial from One For All is fully compatible with Freeview and Freeview HD and features ‘multi patch’ technology which has wider bandwidth than traditional loop or Dipole aerials. The aerial has an impressive range up to 18 miles from the nearest transmitter. (Check your range at

The six multi-patches mean it’s effectively six aerials in one, so it automatically receives a wider frequency spectrum. High density information streams such as DVB-T2 and HD MPEG4 can be received with stable load and gain across the entire frequency spectrum.

Best Indoor TV Aerial

The aerial can be placed anywhere – horizontally, vertically or on the wall – providing a 360 degree reception angle without any loss in performance.

Interference is also minimised even further via an external digital amplifier. And, because the amplifier is external, not integrated, no component noise is picked up by the aerial.

Ten stages of filtering ensure that all unwanted signals like mobile phones, WiFi and other sources that cause overload and picture freeze are filtered out.

The micro-controller amplifies the pure signal, not other noise – to provide a constant and solid output level to the TV or set-top box.

The SV9390 comes in black with a brushed aluminium finish and is also compatible with DAB radio.

Ideal for digital TVs with an integrated IDTV tuner such as Freeview, or older TVs with a Freeview set-top box connected.

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