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The Best in TV from CES 2012

The history of television technology is littered with innovation, none more so than in recent years.

From LCD and Plasma to LED through digital, Freeview and 3D, the past decade has seen more changes on our screens than the misery seen on our favourite soap operas.

And the coming 12 months and beyond promise even more. At the Consumer Electronics Show last week, the Las Vegas showcase saw a host of TV announcements. Below I’ve picked out a few of the best.

The World’s Largest OLED TVs

Both Samsung and LG showed off 55 inch OLED tellies, with LG’s being just 4mm thin. OLED is an expensive technology but it allows thinner screens, better and brighter picture quality and faster response times. It also does away with the need for backlighting allowing it to weigh far less.

The Samsung offers response times more than 1000 times faster than LED and Samsung’s Robert King said: “By incorporating true-to-life picture quality, Smart Interaction, Samsung Apps, 3D functionality and multitasking into an amazingly thin form factor, Samsung is delivering the TV of tomorrow, today.”

Voice and Gesture Control

Samsung also showed off Microsoft Kinect-style controls for its TVs. Whether through voice commands or hand gestures, many functions of the set can be accessed without needing to pick up the remote control. Samsung is even building Face Recognition into the television.

Crystal LED

Sony aim to take on LG and Samsung’s OLED with its Crystal LED technology. At CES, a 55 inch prototype model was shown off with similar benefits to OLED including higher contrast and a wider colour range.

Google TV

LG also used CES to announce it had teamed up with Google to launch a co-branded TV. Due out in Britain in 2013, it will boast Android operating software, plenty of apps, and 3D and Smart technology. There’s even a “Magic Remote” with a QWERTY keyboard.


How much further can TV resolution be pushed? Well, LG seems to think pretty far. Its “ultra definition” telly is 84 inches with 3840×2160 resolution and eight million pixels. It is four times the quality of Full HD.

We all know the benefits of High Definition but imagine what sport and drama in your living room will look like on that? However, that’s the problem right now, the content just isn’t there as it takes different and more costly technology to film the images, not to mention distribute it as it’s so much larger in size.

So it could be a long while until that increases and the price of this newest technology – both the TVs and associated costs – starts to come down. Sony and Toshiba are also working on 4K.

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