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The Best Educational Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Teaching your young ones can be a fun and, at times, stressful experience. Whether you are teaching toddlers their numbers and letters or stimulating your baby with bright colors and music, there are many ways to jump-start your children’s education prior to school-age.

Fortunately, technology has played a very beneficial role in improving education across all ends of the spectrum; particularly education for children.

As a parent who is looking for some innovative ways to teach your children; considering smartphone/tablet educational apps are a practical place to begin. There are many fun and interactive options available for popular T-Mobile 4G phones, other Android-based phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads that engage children of all ages and make learning fun. Below are some recommended educational applications that parents and their children can take advantage of.

» Bumblebee Touchbook

Bumblebee Touchbook creates a fun and interactive way for your child to read with various types of animation and soothing narration.

» Learn to Talk

Learn to Talk is an application that uses flash cards to teach children language development. Parents can choose from a number of settings that adjust word difficulty. Children are taught by both sight and sound providing optimum sensory reinforcement while keeping them stimulated.

» Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn is a fun sensory-based application that teaches your children the different names of farm animals through vivid pictures. Parents can choose to display the names in either Spanish or English.

» Tozzle

Tozzle is a puzzle-based application that promotes the learning of shapes. Your children will have fun and learn about different shapes as they fit the pieces together and make a visually pleasing picture appear before their eyes.

» Where’s Gumbo?

Where’s Gumbo offers a unique interactive experience for your child. The premise revolves around your child following different clues to locate a lost puppy.

» Curious George Coloring Book

The Curious George Coloring Book is a simple application that offers over 40 different coloring templates for your children. They can color one page then move to the next with the simple swipe of the finger. What’s more is that you can save their various projects in a folder as a keepsake or show them off through email.

Smartphones and tablets have opened the door to many unique learning opportunities. Parents have access to a wide array of interactive educational applications that they can use to occupy their child’s time while simultaneously sneaking in some learning under the radar.

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