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The best Battlefield 3 hints, tips and walkthroughs

Battlefield 3 has become publisher EA’s fastest selling game ever, so you’re going to need some practice to become the best. To help out, we’ve trawled the web for some of the best advice available!

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC. Whether you want to become a multiplayer hero, or to master the single player campaign, there are loads of ways to get better. Here are a few of our favourite tips.

Complete Battlefield 3 walkthrough

As well as this great “Tips on how to play Battlefield 3″ video, has uploaded complete walkthough videos of both the co-op missions and the single player campaign.
If you’re getting stuck on a particular level, these should help you
figure out what you’re doing wrong. You can see more of their Battlefield 3 Videos at

Battlefield 3 hints and tips from other users

Since the game was released, lots of dedicated players have been blogging about their experiences online, and posting videos to YouTube. We particularly like this vidoe posted by WoodysGamertag, which offers some great advice for anyone new to the game. it’s aimed at people who’ve played similar games before, but there’s something useful for everyone.

A quick search online will reveal a wealth of opinion, bragging and boasts, but there are also some real gems of wisdom from fans of the series, such as these hints and tips from a user. Mooji explains 4 top tips for getting on in the game, such as using the Squad Rush game to level up quickly. It’s also worth reading through a few of the responses to the post, which offer some more good advice.

Cheats, unlockable content trophies and achievements

Well, they’re not really ‘cheats’, but the guys over at gamrReview have set up a page listing all of the unlockable content in Battlefield 3. If you’re looking for IR flares for your jet, or guided missiles for your scout ‘copter, you can check out the details over there.

Battlefield 3 is also full of achievements and trophies to collect as you travel through the missions and multiplayer games. has collected these all together, making it a bit easier to get them all.

Play Battlefield 3 like an action hero

Soak up all the advice on offer, and keep practising – you’ll soon be playing like the best. If you’ve got any other good advice, let us know in the comments below.