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The Best April Fools of the Tech World 2012

April Fools day never fails to provide us with a wealth of gadget related fibs, fabrications and funnies.

From the astonishing to the downright ridiculous, the ever changing world of technology provides the perfect platform to lure in gullible gadget lovers…and yes i admit I am one of them!

We have rounded up the best of 2012′s gadget and tech related April Fools jokes for your – just in case you missed any…

Google’s 8-Bit “Quest” Map

Targeting “all” those Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) users, Google produced a pixelated version of Google maps.  Click on the “Quest” icon in the top right os a Google maps page for  a retro look at the world.


Google’s Kangaroo Cam

Another corker from Google… this time from the Official Google Australia blog that explained all about a project called “Street Roo” a unique way of capturing images of the Outback by means of solar powered cameras attached to specially made Kangaroo coats…  I SO wanted this one to be true :-)

Kodak’s Print a Kitten

3D printing is being touted as the next big thing, so is the ability to print an actual kitten really that far off?  Kodak’s website explained that this exciting development utilising LIVEprint technology and available at selected retail locations, would enable people to print real live kittens from Kodak Kiosks.  Customers could even select their kitten from 12 popular breeds!

The YouTube Collection

For those very moments when you are not in range of a wi-fi network and have no 3G but you do have a burning desire to watch every YouTube clip…The YouTube collection on DVD is just the answer! So if you have always wanted YouTube’s full back catalogue and you have a few million pounds to spare and a drive way big enough for 170 delivery trucks your luck may just be in!  Check out the video below.

Sony’s World’s Smallest Ultrabook

Ultrabooks have undoubtedly revolutionised the laptop market with ever smaller, ever thinner and ever lighter models, gone are the days of lugging a breeze-block sized chunk of laptop around with you.  So Sony decided to take the portable laptop revolution just one step further with their April Fools gag this year…Introducing the Sony Vaio Q.

With a handy 0.75-Inch X 1.25-Inch LED backlit screen and 8GB RAM all in a machine the size of a quarter

Photobox – Photos Printed on Toast

What better way to start the morning than chomping on a slice of toast featuring a photo of your loved ones?  Photobox emailed their customers with an advert for the revolutionary Photo Toaster…  This really could have been the best thing since sliced bread!

Hungry Hippos for iPad

This nostalgic gem was brought to us from the team at ThinkGeek who previously brought us the iCade as an April Fools joke that actually became a real product.  For any 80′s kids or reto games fans out there this could be one to watch!

April Fools is now over for another year and tech fans can breath a sigh of relief. The danger of excitedly squawking about a revolutionary new product only to be looked at by friends and colleagues in scorn whilst someone takes pity and mouths the dreaded words “April fools” is almost over…until next year!

Tell us about them if we missed any of your favourite technology or gadget related April Fools of 2012 in the comments below.