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The Babyliss Elegance 5560DU Hair Dryer Review

BaByliss 5560DU 2100W Elegance Hair Dryer

Rating: ★★★★☆

When my trusty 9 year old hairdryer went bang with smoke and all, it was a dramatic ending to a long and loving relationship. The dreaded search began for a replacement however with Christmas approaching faster than I can sneeze; I come to the small issue of cost! First thought was to wait for the sales after Christmas, but my two daughters (one with long curly hair) were proof that this was not going to be possible.

So the criteria of the search changed. The new hairdryer had to be very affordable, powerful, light and easy to use. I wasn’t asking for much with a maximum of a £20 Budget was I! However then I came across the Babyliss Elegance, it was meant to be priced at £19.99 but was on offer for £12 – Bargain!

My logic of thinking was that if it’s no great shakes then after Christmas I will have a blow out. (I should probably point out here that I was a hairdresser for a well known chain so I can be a tad picky when it comes to hair products)

So the Babyliss Elegance arrives, (by now I am sick of the ailce band look and my daughters are fed up of French plaits) and my first thoughts were how light and easy to hold it was, so there was one tick off the list. I reserved judgement as for £12 I was still not expecting much. Wrong again, the 2100 watts didn’t disappoint. It dried mine and my daughter’s hair very quickly, whilst the concentrator nozzle smoothed out our hair nicely.

The added feature of the cold shot (which is a must to compete with other brands) worked well for my daughter’s curly hair. When I dried it straight the cold shot sealed and smoothed the hair cuticles down, leaving a nice healthy shine. The heat-balancing ceramic and ionic technology certainly lived up to its claim for frizz free condition and shine.

The speed settings are limited to two, however I didn’t find that it was a negative, perhaps a faster one would be a bonus but don’t forget the price of the product here! It worked brilliantly with just the two.


  • Very light
  • Superb value for money
  • Ceramic and ionic technology
  • 2100 watt


  • Two power settings
  • Short power lead


I like that this product also comes with a 3 year guarantee, with a guarantee that long it shows that the company have faith in their products.

My only criticism and yes there is only one, was that the power cable at 2 meters wasn’t as long as I am used to or would like. But let’s not end this on a low, remember this product is highly affordable but delivers a brilliant results and lives up to its advertising. Overall I was very impressed.

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