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The Apple iPod At 10 – ten tips for your iPod Classic

When Apple launched the iPod a decade ago, they created a device that would revolutionise the way we consume media – everything from how we listen to music, to where we listen to it (and how, via the all-important ‘shuffle’ feature) has made the iPod into a classic piece of technology.

So you may feel that you know everything there is to know about your iPod. But don’t let familiarity breed contempt – here are a few secrets about everyone’s favourite Apple device:

1. Frozen, eh?

You just need to reset your iPod. Just toggle the ‘hold’ button at the top so it’s red and then until it’s off. Then press ‘menu’ and ‘select’ together until the screen goes blank. It should then boot up as normal.

2. Wheel not working?

Try and use the outside of the wheel, not the centre. It’s actually the more sensitive part of the device.

3. Too quiet?

You can either change your iPod’s equalizer settings in iTunes, or you simply use the preset called ‘Loudness’, which should make sure you’re not struggling to hear your favourite tunes.

4. Low battery life?

Two main factors affect this – 1) screen brightness: either dim the backlight or turn it off when you don’t need it. And 2) volume: the louder it is the more power you’re using each time.  Also, use the ‘hold’ button when you’re not using your iPod to keep it going longer.

5. Videos on TV?

Just buy an Apple Component AV cable; there are a lot of tricks around to play videos from your IPod, but if you’ve got a Classic you’ll find yourself out of luck here.

6. Search by Composer?

This setting isn’t just for classical music buffs. You can search for James Blake as easily as you search for Beethoven, but you may have to manually edit the songs tags to do so. But this setting means you can access cover versions or remixes, as well as songs by the artist themselves.

7. Who needs a stereo?

Get some speakers and even the oldest iPod can be your home stereo system. It won’t be the best audio quality in the world, but when you’re just having a few friends round, who cares?

8. Louder than a 747?

In a recent New York Times article, American neuroscientist Daniel Levitin compares listening to an iPod at more than 95-100 decibels to hearing a 747 taking off nearby. So better keep the volume down…

9. Library on the move?

If you like to look things up on Wikipedia, why not put it on your iPod by downloading the Encyclopaedia Project? It’s got (almost) all the answers.

10. Need some back-up?

Using the iPod’s ‘disc mode’ you can make it into a portable hard drive. Just de-frag it like you would any other drive and you can use it with any Windows backup program that lets you save a location, or just to store a few files you want to use on the move.

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