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The amazing Apple iMac!

Apple iMac

Rating: ★★★★★

A lot of people say that Apple products are overpriced, but while a Macbook Pro, may be twice the cost of your basic Windows Laptop, if you look at a laptop with similar specs, and quality you won’t be far off the price, add in Apple’s excellent customer care and the brilliant operating system, and you realise they aren’t overpriced at all, while they may be expensive, the price is justified.

The same is true for the iMac, the one i am reviewing is a 2010 27″ Quad Core i5, with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB Solid State Drive, it is the best Computer I have ever used, and i own it, Adobe Photoshop is up and running before you could say Adobe Photoshop, Games have all played brilliantly, and the amount of things I can have open at one time is mind boggling.

Secondly, you can’t review an Apple product without talking about how it looks, and the iMac is simply gorgeous, the Aluminium and Glass looks superb, and I mean real Aluminium and Glass, not fake plastic Aluminium effect and perspex “glass”, one solid piece of precision engineered aluminium makes up this computer, then with its beautiful LED backlit LCD display, with a massive 2560×1440 resolution (yes that is 4 x 720p HD videos on one screen if you wanted)

Lastly, Mac OS X, it’s amazing what you get all bundled with it, iMovie, a video editor 10 times better than Windows Movie Maker, iPhoto, an amazing program to keep track of all your snaps, and who is in them, where they were taken, and even send them off to be printed up into a professional quality coffee table book, all from in iPhoto, Safari, is a really good browser, i couldn’t stand Internet Explorer, and always used things like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc, but since owning my Mac, Safari is all I have needed. and lately the Mac App Store, where you can get tonnes of Apps for the Mac, just like on the iPhone. also unlike windows, when a new version of OS X is released, it costs about £25 to upgrade, rather than the £100 or more with Windows, plus even free minor updates can bring some nice things, such as the App Store, you wouldn’t find that on Windows. an with OS X, everything i have thrown at it has run, straight off…

Network Printer: Windows: find out IP address, go into settings after settings in the control Panel, to add a new printer, have to find out on the internet which settings to use, and finally get it to work only for it to stop working unless you manage to set up a static IP for the printer. OSX: click on printers, OSX has found a printer, would you like to use it, yes, done.

Network Storage: Windows, had to go into many different sharing settings to enable things and finally were able to access it through the software that came with it. OS X just automatically added it to my list of available drives, all on it’s own.


  • It looks Simply Gorgeous
  • OS X is a dream to use
  • It has never crashed on me, not once


  • The price may put Some people off
  • Unless you buy a copy of Windows to run with Bootcamp, some of your older programs, such as software for phones and cameras may not be able to be used


I love it! if you can afford a Mac over a PC, then I highly recommend it!

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