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The Acer beTouch E210 Smartphone

Acer has combined the business style of a blackberry with the entertainment benefits of an iPhone on its new beTouch E210.

The company describes it as having the perfect grip, so it is easy to use, with a rounded body in-line with the rest of the attractive Acer range of smartphones such as the beTouch E200, beTouch E400 and the neoTouch S200.

It’s compact size makes it useful to carry with you on the go, and its professional finish makes it a suitable item to display at an important meeting.  It is only 116 mm in length and weighs a tiny 110g.

The beTouch combines a full QWERTY keyboard and an optical trackpad with the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, one of only a handful of smartphones to be released with these capabilities and design features.

Those who are keen to have a touch-screen phone but are not willing to give up the convenience of a conventional keypad for quick and accurate messaging should seek out a beTouch E210.

The phone on the outside looks like it is just a touch-screen one, but underneath the 2.6 inch screen is a full QWERY keypad with well-spaced keys for even those with large fingers to produce accurate typing.

Available in either light silver or shiny black, the Acer beTouch E210 aims to answer the technology needs of a professional who loves using their phone outside of work too.

Users can access popular social network sites, chat to friends via instant messaging on Google Talk while being able to browse all web pages at the same time.

Technical features include 3G+, high speed navigation and downloading (HSDPA), WiFi, integrated GPS and Bluetooth 2.1, a 3.2 megapixel digital camera and an FM Radio with RDS. It also has a 1300 mAh battery.