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Ten of the Best Weight Loss Must Haves for Summer

Winter is now a distant memory for most of us and hopefully we can look forward to a scorching summer. But with summer comes flesh, baring it for all to see.

Diets can be a bit much and sometimes just eating right may not always help you lose the excess weight you want to in order to fit into your beach attire.

Men and women have different rates of metabolism so therefore getting the best and often simple exercise gadgets could help you kick start that routine on your way to getting a toned figure.

Check out these 10 of the best weightloss gadgets for that perfect summer body.

Bullworker X5

The original gym-in-stick is back with a range of new exercises: over 70 in total. This latest incarnation combines sophisticated resistance technology with solid chrome-plated steel construction and has a program to suit everyone, regardless of whether you want to build muscle or just tone up and improve your stamina. The machine is affordable and easy to use from the word go.

Reebok Personal Heart Monitor

One of the first gadgets that any keep fit fanatic should invest in is a heart rate monitor. Especially if you prefer running and getting involved in cardiovascular activities, such as team sports or high impact workouts to really burn that fat. This wrist-mounted model displays highest, lowest and average heart rate without the need for an itchy chest strap. This small, simple sleek device retails at around £50 and helps you keep a close eye on your stats as you workout.

Tanita Body Fat/Total Body Water Scales

As you work hard on losing the weight and trying to achieve your ideal weight, you need to monitor if you are doing the right type of exercise for you and keep a close on eye on your body stats.

If you’re exercising regularly, you need to watch more than your weight. These scales reveal exactly what proportion of your body mass is fat and whether you’re drinking enough water to keep yourself healthy. They can track up to four different people, displaying how your readings compare to the ideal for your age and gender. The special scales cost approximately £80 (check with retailers) but are a valuable asset to your exercise regime.

Talking Pedometer

If you like to start your routine with a long walk before starting your run, it would be great to have a gadget that not only walks the walk, but talks the talk too. Clip it to your belt before you go for a stroll and this pocket-sized pedometer will count and announce the total distance travelled. Given half a chance, it’ll also play shrill electronic melodies in sync with your walking or running speed, too, thanks to a music feature. It is a cool gadget and cheap at under £20.

Slendertone Flex Max

One way to get a toned abdomen is to either do hundreds of crunches or attach yourself to some machine that is supposedly the best to help you get that washboard abs. Or alternatively become an Olympic rower! Well, when it comes to weight loss, there’s no such thing as a free inch. Slendertone offers one of the best weightloss devices: an abdominal belt that forces muscle contractions by sending electricity to stimulate your nerves. When used in conjunctions with an exercise programme the belt should will help you tone and firm up tricky to reach muscles around the tummy, thighs and bottom. It is a good investment – if you use it – at around £150.

Nike Plus sports watch

This is a good gadget to get skinny with. Apart from telling the time, the watch also displays your heart rate and records exactly where you’ve been running thanks to an in-built GPS system. You then plug the gadget into the SD port of your computer and it will show you the exact route you took so you can optimise your exercise and set better routes and targets for yourself. This watch will help you set goals and give you that extra kick of motivation needed to improve your performance.

Calorie Jump

Although traditionally practised only by little girls and beefy boxers, skipping is a superb way for anyone to raise their cardio-vascular rate. This high-tech, twist-free rope comes with a built-in computer to count exactly how many calories your game of double dutch has burnt off.

PowerLung Trainer

We work out every muscle in the body with all sorts of muscular exercise but we also must give a thought to the muscle that helps us keep going (apart from the heart). You’ve pumped up your quads, your Pecs and your abs, but what about the muscle that drives them all? The lungs of course, this is where the PowerLung Trainer specifically targets your respiratory system, promising to improve endurance and help your diaphragm work more effectively.

Reebok Cyberrider

If you love exercise but cannot stand the boredom, jump on the Cyberrider. This exercise bike plugs directly into your PlayStation, allowing you to cycle your way through your favourite games by leg power alone. Speed data is transferred from sensors on the flywheel and the handlebars have all the other controls you need.

Timex Bodylink

This tool is great for monitoring all types of exercise and consists of a heart rate monitor, watch, data recorder and a GPS satellite tracking unit. Strap all of these to your body before you train and your coach can analyse your performance on a PC and even tell you if you have stopped for a breather in the middle of a run.