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Ten of the Best Travel Apps

Whether you own an iPhone, BlackBerry or an Android phone there now seems to be an application for virtually anything. Check out these ten of the best travel apps now.

Here’s our selection to 10 of the best apps that could help if you are planning on going away.

One thing to note, most of these travel apps are free to download, but your provider may add roaming charges to your bill.

1. The Trainline App

The train industry has seen a rise in the number of passengers it carries year-on-year and if you’re one of the millions who like using the trains to get around the UK then ‘The Trainline’ application, which is compatible on Android, Blackberry, Nokia and iPhone, is free to download. The application will allow you to check live train times and fares, also allow you to search and make bookings without hassle.

2. TimeOut App

Renowned for in-depth and trusted the world over for excellent reviews, top tips and detailed guides, the ‘TimeOut’ application is the modern alternative to the hardback book and it’s easy to use for on-the-go individuals. With a condensed version of the magazine, it includes listings, reviews and useful sharing and rating tools. The rest of the guide covers everything from hotels and restaurants to tips for families, all with good map filters. The app is suitable for iPhones and Androids only and it may cost around £1.79 to £2.99.

3. Google Earth App

Google Earth is the next must have application on your mobile phone. It’s free to download and the brilliant app lets users virtually see their holiday location from a bird’s-eye view of where they will be staying, or simply use it as an armchair tool to explore the world before you book.

4. Urbanspoon App

Gone are the days of wandering around a new town aimlessly looking for a decent place to eat; with the Urbanspoon application there is now another, more serendipitous way to find places to eat. This free app is only available for download on iPhones. To get started with the app, program in your parameters, give your handset a shake and hey presto, you’ve got a suggestion of where to go.

5. Lonely Planet Phrasebook App

One of the leading popular names when it comes to travel is Lonely Planet. They have launched an essential app – ‘Lonely Planet Phrasebooks’ which somewhat replaces their paper phrasebooks. It will cost from £2.39 and is compatible for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Windows mobile. This easy to navigate tool features both phonetically written and spoken versions of the phrases in question and cover all the obvious bases. Great for getting intimate with the locals wherever you are.

6. AA Hotel Guide App

Want to know which are the best hotels where you are going? Well the ‘AA Hotel Guide’ app has a long list of hotels with short reviews and booking links to help you chose the ideal accommodation. The AA also has restaurant, B & B and pub apps which are all free to download, too.

7. Tripit App

One of the best bits about travelling is the anticipation, the part where you’ve decided where you’re going to go, and have to start planning everything to do. The clever ‘Tripit’ service does a lot of the hard work for you, including working out your exact plans when you forward the confirmation emails from your airline.

8. Thomas Cook What Rate App

Travelling can be a costly venture, especially when you are not sure how much you’re spending in foreign currency. ‘Thomas Cook What Rate’ app, which is free to download and compatible for Android and iPhone, is easy-to-use converter, with simplified charts to help you keep track of how much you are spending.

9. Google Translate App

Going somewhere and worried about not being able to speak the language, well ‘Google translate’ will be the must-have app to download before jetting off to your destination. The free app allows you to type or speak into your phone and it instantly translates into 15 languages.

10. FlightView App

The most crucial app a traveller could have, if you are flying to your destination, is ‘FlightView’. Nothing signals travel quite like staring up at the destination board and trying to find out what’s happening to your plane. If you need to keep track of your comings and goings, then this free app helps you pick your location and away you go.