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Technology Must-Haves: Best Summer Gadgets

The summer is upon us and the clamour to get hold of the best new technology is in full swing. Find out what to buy with our selection of the best summer gadgets.

Anticipation is building around the expected release of both the iphone 5 and the PS4 with rumours circulating throughout the technology community. Both have been in the pipeline for a while now and many people will be hoping the hyperbole matches quality when release dates are finally announced.

They will both have to wait for the future though. In the meantime, there are a number of top quality gadgets available right now. Below we take a look at what we think are some of the best on the market at the moment.

1. Sony Walkman music clip:

Weighing just 28g, this is perfect for holding your MP3 player on those log jogs through the park or slogs in the gym. An easy to use detachable clip makes your life simple at all times. A number of the music clips that have been around for a while have invited criticism because they were cumbersome or complex. This device probably benefits most from its simplicity and the fact that it is so light.

2. Amazon Kindle 3:

For the bookworms amongst you the new kindle comes in Wi-Fi and 3G versions. The 3G version is more flexible than Wi-Fi as it allows you to load books from anywhere that you can receive reception. Either way though, it is a perfect companion for long train journeys or lazy days by the pool.

3. IGo Charge Anywhere:

A terrific alternative to a device charger that can be used to power a host of dead gadgets when you cannot get access to mains power. You will simply need to connect the relevant power tip to your iphone, Blackberry or other device and connect the other end to the IGO Charge Anywhere. A small but powerful device that gives you options when travelling, it is a great addition to the technology market.