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Technology for tea

Morphy Richards 43970 Tea Maker

Rating: ★★★★☆

As a tea addict, I have very particular requirements when it comes to creating the perfect brew. Hence I was quietly dubious when I was first given the Morphy Richards 43970 Tea Maker, which claims to be able to make any variety of tea, just how you like it. Could it really improve my tea drinking activities enough to validate its price?

The unique steeping technology, variable strength choices and the digital temperature selector and countdown are all impressive features of the tea maker. By creating the exact tea strength you desire, the whole tea making process is made much easier; there’s no waiting around and squeezing tea bags, no drips (thanks to the tea bags being steamed during the steeping process), and no hassle of finding tea leaves in your cup.

It’s easy to clean afterwards too, as the basket and lid are removable. On top of all this, if you are rushing around while it is boiling, (which is very quiet compared to standard kettles), or you just fancy more than one cup to quench your thirst, the tea maker helpfully keeps the tea heated to its optimum temperature for twenty minutes after steeping. Although, if you are just making a quick cuppa for yourself, it is a bit difficult, as the measuring scale only starts at two cups meaning you have to estimate the right amount of water to use.

However, when trying the tea maker for the first time I was startled to find that the ‘medium – low’ middle strength setting produced a very strong cup of tea. Perhaps I am the victim of sensitive taste buds but, when using tea bags, the top three settings are almost unusable due to the potency of the tea they produce. This being said, when I had another go and tried a lower strength I was impressed at how flavoursome the tea was; even though I was using good old PJ Tips, it tasted as though I had used top-end fresh tea leaves, and was a lot more enjoyable than usual.

Nevertheless, despite the improved taste in tea and process, I feel that the Morphys tea maker is priced a bit too expensively at its current retail price of £100, since unless you are living in a tea-only household, you will still need a kettle or a coffee maker in addition to this product, and the space. Still, if the price was a bit lower, the improvement in the whole tea making process and in the quality of the end result makes this a great buy for tea fanatics.


  • Keeps tea warm for twenty minutes
  • Works for tea bags and tea leaves
  • Digital display


  • A bit expensive
  • Could do with weaker strength settings


A good product for tea fanatics but the price is a bit steep

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