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Tech to Kick-off the Football Season With

The top-flight of English football begins again tomorrow meaning the country’s biggest clubs return to action for the first time since breaking for the summer in May.

Who will win the title or spring a surprise after being promoted? Whichever team you support, follow or pay interest to, there’s plenty of technology for fans to enhance their footballing experience. Here are a few of the best examples ready for the big-kick off.

Samsung 51” 3D Plasma

When you’re watching fast-moving sport on TV such as football, you need a set that has a high refresh rate. This ensures moving action on screen doesn’t judder or slow and spoil your experience. This monster telly comes with two pairs of 3D glasses, perfect if you have Sky’s 3D service to watch the Premier League in three dimensions. Its 600Hz technology also ensures those smooth images so if you’re buying a TV for sport, look for 600Hz or 800Hz.

Breville Sandwich Toaster

Pies, burgers and hot dogs can get a bit boring, if not also a bit fattening. So why not try a different sort of half-time snack and rustle up a tasty toastie. It’ll warm up and cook quickly, so you’ll be back on the sofa in time for the action. You’ll also get a sarnie nicely sliced through the middle – perfect for a game of two halves.

Sky Go

For those who already subscribe to Sky, this will allow you to watch Sky Sports from your iPhone, iPad or computer as long as those channels are part of your package. Even when you’re out and about on a Saturday or Sunday, you won’t miss a kick.


It’s not long now until FIFA 12 kicks off but in the meantime the iPad version of this popular computer game features all the top teams so you can replay any match your side has lost in reality in order to overturn the result in the virtual world. It won’t be much comfort if your team is relegated but it helps release the frustration.


Every week you’ll find at a few different football commentaries being broadcast on the radio thanks to DAB. With so many more stations than FM and AM, these digital channels can take time out of their traditional schedules to cover more matches than ever. Small enough to carry around, with 20 different presets, this portable DAB will keep you in tune with your team and those challenging them for trophies.

Dream Team FC

The Sun’s fantasy footie contest is free to play this season and there’s plenty of cash up for grabs for the best armchair managers. Pick your team, join a mini league with friends or fellow supporters and sit back and watch those points rack up. Well, that’s the plan. If that doesn’t happen, sit back and start moaning that you were always going to pick the guy who just scored a hat-trick as opposed to the one who couldn’t hit a barn door.

Etre Touchy Gloves

It might be summer but the weather is doing a good job of making it feel like winter. So whether you need these now, or nearer December, you will want something to keep your hands warm. These gloves have holes in the top of the thumb and forefinger allowing you to control any touchscreen gadget with ease while stopping your hands from becoming blocks of ice.

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