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Tech News Weekly Round-up 9th Aug 2011

Gmail introduces Google Voice phone call service to the world

Google is going to be launching an in-email calling service in the UK following its success in the US for the past year, offering extremely cheap calls to international destinations.
The service is currently free of charge in the US, while international calls cost a cent per minute. In the UK, we’ll be charged 11p per minute to call mobiles in the UK, France or Germany and 2p per minute to landlines.

In a bid to entice users away from services such as Skype, Google has reduced the cost of calls to 150 destinations worldwide and has eliminated call connection fees. Google says its prices cost less than sending a letter.

The service, which now supports 38 languages is being rolled out over the next few days.

Glmps app captures pre-photo magic

Developers have created a camera app, called Glmps, which starts to record video as soon as you activate the camera app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The video is then presented alongside the image itself and the two are shared as a pair.
The Glmps app for iPhone aims to capture the magic of those few seconds that occur before the photograph is actually taken, so you get real life action as opposed to staged moments.

The results can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, the Glmps website itself, embedded in web pages and also as check-in pictures on sites like Foursquare. The Glmps creations were designed to be deliberately low-res to make them easier to share.

The app is now free to download from the App Store. It’s still in the early stages, so expect it to become evolved and get better over time.

Canon DSLR Controller app

A developer from the inventive XDA forum has produced a DSLR Controller app using his Samsung Galaxy S II and Canon EOS camera.

The DSLR Controller allows access to the camera’s functionality through the touchscreen of the Android smartphone, just by connecting the two devices through a USB Host cable.
The homemade app, which is now available on the Android Market, allows you to see a live view from the viewfinder and offers easy access to settings like exposure, white balance, zoom, ISO speed and aperture, through simple touchscreen controls.

Plus, you can use the touchscreen to change the point of focus and take pictures, just like you do on the iPhone.

The app is still in beta at the moment and will only work on handsets that have a USB Host capability and with Canon DSLRs.

Free Wi-fi on London buses in pipeline

London’s buses could well be fitted with wi-fi by 2012, offering the public internet access on the move.

A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office revealed that the plan is to start with bus stops as they’re positioning is often within easy range of the required cabling. Then the next stage would be placing wi-fi on the buses themselves.

There are already plans to install wi-fi in the London Underground network as well as using street furniture such as lampposts to set up hotspots all over the capital.

This follows the great news that Virgin Media has recently announced that it would be rolling out free public wi-fi in parts of London too.