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Tech News Weekly Round-Up 8 July 2011

Pentax Snapped up by Ricoh for a Cool £77 Million

Ricoh is looking to increase its position in the interchangeable lens camera market by buying Pentax for £77 million from its current owners Hoya. Pentax’s interchangeable lens technology and market experience should be a welcome addition to Ricoh’s expansion plans which should go ahead after the dotted line is officially signed in October. What does this mean for us consumers? Well, it’s early days yet but hopefully a new tree of innovation will grow from the acquisition resulting in more competition, better choices and lower prices for us all around.

Google’s Redesign of Gmail and Calendar Applications

Google has given the design of their Calendar and Gmail services a bit of a makeover. Although functionality remains the same, the layout has become less cluttered and easier to navigate, with a reshuffling of buttons and a host of new themes. All in all the design is a welcome step forward in creating a unified look between desktop, tablet and mobile versions of the search giant’s services and has resulted in a more streamlined experience. Coupled with the new Google+ social network launch, it seems that the innovations keep on coming.

iPhone 4 Now in 3D

Who could have imagined it? A Japanese company called Global Wave did. Rather than suffer the battery life of an LG Optimus 3D or the waiting time in getting an HTC EVO 3D, simply spend £15 on this film layer and you have glasses-free 3D. Larger versions are expected for monitors and TVs too which work in the same way using an app to simulate dual-signals. You can even watch YouTube in stereoscopic glory. Expect to get hold of these for your phone from August.