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Tech News Weekly Round-Up

Homer Simpson has made it on to TomTom.

The yellow bellied loveable cartoon character is making his way onto TomTom Apps for iPhone for the very first time.

Developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Locutio Voice Technologies, the original Homer Simpson voice for TomTom’s range of personal navigation devices is now available for just £3.49 on the new TomTom iPhone app version 1.7. The voice app is the first time a celebrity voice has ever been available for mobile phone based GPS.

Top Phones for April

The latest survey of the nation’s top phones from uSwitch has revealed that the iPhone 4 was the most popular mobile phone in April. The top 5 mobiles were the Apple iPhone 4, HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire, the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Samsung Galaxy.

The Android operating system showed its increasing strength in the market place dominating 70 percent of the charts compared to March where only half the nations favourite phones were android ones.

HTC had the most handsets in the top 10 even though it was knocked off the top spot by Apple’s iPhone 4.