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Tech News Weekly Round-up 31 August 2011

White Samsung Galaxy S II to arrive on 1st September

A white version of Samsung Galaxy S II will arrive complete with the same 1.2GHz dual core processor, 8MP camera and gorgeous 4.3in Super AMOLED screen as its darker predecessor and will officially be available from 1st September.

“Since its launch in May the Galaxy S II has been a huge hit with Samsung consumers.” Said Simon Stanford, managing director of Samsung Mobile UK. “We always want to offer a range of products that suit different people and are delighted to now be able to give consumers the choice of the UK’s leading Android smartphone in black or white.”

Google TV to launch in UK

An “internet TV” service that allows people to switch between television and the web on the same set is to be launched in the UK by Google.

The “Google TV” innovation will also mean that viewers can watch material from catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player on their main TV screen. Accessed through a special set-top box, the service is due to launch in the UK within six months, following its launch earlier in the US.

According to the company, Google TV will allow people to search all of the content on the TV and the internet by using a single click. The service will also allow viewers to switch between the TV and the internet on their main screen without having to adjust any cables.

Smartphones and iPhones can be used instead of a remote control to change channels and people will even be able to use their own voice to conduct searches. The service also has a special version of YouTube in high definition.

TomTom satnavs go social with new GO LIVE services

TomTom has announced it’s adding a host of new features, including Twitter functionality, to it’s latest satnav line. Driver-friendly versions of Expedia, TripAdvisor and Yelp – part of it’s Search & GO LIVE services – have been thrown in for access to online travel reviews, the best routes and to keep users informed about the area they’re driving in, including accommodation, restaurant and theatre info.

Google’s search prowess is also on hand, as is social networking functionality from the likes of Twitter. You’ll be able to tweet your destination and estimated time of arrival, which needs to be pre-set before you set off, so you’re not tempted to take your eyes off the road. Updates are taken care of automatically throughout the duration of the journey.

TomTom’s new services will initially launch in the US, Germany and New Zealand in October. Sadly for us Brits, plans for the UK to join TomTom’s connected community are as yet undisclosed.

LG Optimus 3D gets 2D to 3D games converter

LG has just announced a 3D Game Converter to roll out in October.

2D games developers can quickly get 3D games out to the 3D smartphone world and Optimus 3D owners can open up optimised 2D games in the Game Converter to transform them via automatic settings. 50 games with optimised settings will be available from October with 50 more promised by the end of 2011.