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Tech News Weekly Round-up 17 August 2011

Google+ games goes live

Sixteen games burst onto some member’s Google+ accounts recently with Google blog confirming that the feature will be rolled out over the coming weeks.
The Games page lets you see game updates, invites and high scores from your Circles as well what other people have played recently.

Facebook wanting to keep up with the competition, chose to also announce its own new social gaming feed. The Game Ticker, as its known, lets you see game updates, invites, high scores and what games your friends are playing.

Let the competition begin!

Digital downloads mark the end for physical game sales

A rise in digital downloads and the widespread birth of cloud-based gaming is to spell the end for physical game releases in the coming years.

Following rapidly in the footsteps of MP3s and eBooks, digital games are to soon replace their physical counterparts as users look to cheaper, faster and space saving alternatives from the current disc formats.

Its thought that initially digital downloads and cloud-based gaming will be complementary to discs. People still buy audio CDs so don’t expect discs of games to vanish overnight.

HTC smartphones get set for Beats audio

Beats Electronics – best known for its partnership with Dr Dre plans to inject Beats’ superb audio technology into HTC smartphones and potentially future tablets.

Rumours has it that the first on the list will be the HTC Vigor this October.

We would anticipate that HTC smartphones with Beats Audio will feature a better than average speaker experience, but will save the best for your headphones.
This means that when you plug-in your headphones to listen while on the go, you should get better audio, but it also means that any dock or line out you use should also provide you with a higher quality experience.

There is no confirmation on timeframe yet but rumours have it we will expect to see something in the shops this Autumn.