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Tech FAIL Of The Week

Generally technology is supposed to make our lives easier, more enjoyable and save us time… Except that is, on those occasions when it does the complete opposite!

Welcome to the world of Tech FAILS…

Who hasn’t threatened to throw their laptop through the window when it crashes in the middle of an important presentation, wanted to launch their mobile across the room when you hit send on a text to your boss that was intended for your boyfriend or howled in pain as you singe a GHD shaped stripe across your forehead? (Or maybe that last one is just me…?)

There is no denying that most of us have a love-hate relationship with our favourite gadgets. Most of the time I wonder how we coped back in the early 90’s before iPods, GHDs and Facebook arrived on the scene… but sometimes (just sometimes) I look back wistfully on those bygone days of actually knowing all my friends phone numbers off by heart, of bopping to my walkman before ejecting the cassette and turning it over to play the B side or carrying around an emergency 10p coin in my purse-belt in case of needing a pay phone…. (Our school uniform was soooo ahead of its time!)

So, to recognize those very moments when gadgets are more of a hindrance than a help, when technology make us question it’s worth or simply just when tech goes bad, we have decided to dedicate a spot on PluggedIn to our favourite Tech FAIL of the Week.

(13/01/12) Office Chair Leaf Blower Spin Fail

The first Tech Fail of the new year features a spinning office chair, a leaf blower and a crazy man…..the result…?

Well what did you expect? :-)  (Don’t try this at home kids!) 

(23/12/11) Bull Frog Ant Crusher Fail

This reminded me of playing a game called Frog Bog on the Intellivision when we were kids – long before Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox even existed (yep, i know I am showing my age..)

Except that in the version we played, the frogs we controlled were of course not real, and usually we didn’t suffer (much) physical pain from playing (except when my big brother would give me a chinese burn if i beat him!)

Anyway, enough nostalgia… this real life version of a frog playing a game on a phone to catch ants made me laugh – make sure you watch to the end for the frog’s revenge!


(16/12/11) Ski Lift Fail

As a novice skier, I am sure these ski lifts are possibly more tricky than they look to master, however… I am also pretty sure that this isn’t how you are supposed to use them!

I have one final word to describe this snow themed Tech Fail…..ouch!

(24/10/11) Siri Fail

Most people have now met or at least witnessed Siri in action on the iPhone 4S (if you haven’t yet, check out our other 2 Siri articles below)

So with all this talk about the iPhone 4S voice activated personal assistant, i decided it was too good an opportunity to miss sharing a Siri related fail.

Watch the video below to witness the moment when Siri meets…Siri and the disasterous consequences….

(30/09/11) Little girl versus the claw machine

The draw of the Claw machine is just too much for one little girl….

I can’t quite decide if this is a design fail, a parenting fail or perhaps even just a win for the little girl for going after what she wants!

I do particularly like the moment when the boy tries to tell his Mum where his sister is and she clearly tells him off for making things up….

Watch this week’s Tech Fail to find out who ultimately wins the battle of Claw machine versus child…

(09/09/11) Treadmill Dance Fail

A man falling on a treadmill was funny last week, so this week i have mixed things up a little with a man falling off a treadmill – variety is the spice of life after all!

A guy trying to be cool and falling off a treadmill?  Even better.

Enjoy this week’s Tech Fail. 

(02/09/11) Treadmill Fail

So this week’s Tech Fail should probably be classed as user fail… as technically the treadmill does nothing wrong… however it made me laugh (and wonder how this guy EVER thought that this would end in any other way!)

The slow motion replays are particularly worth a watch!

(26/08/11) Auto Parking Fail (Needs sound)

A car that parks itself?  Yes please!

Parking can be stressful…we have all had those moments where a space that looked a perfect size when we first saw it, suddenly shrinks down to be suitable for nothing bigger than a Smart car halfway through an Austin Powers style manoeuvre. So a car that parks itself sounds ideal….or does it?

Watch and marvel at the wonder of modern technology!

(19/08/11) Roomba Baby

We have seen a cat and a fluffy yellow chick riding a Roomba in previous Tech Fail videos, but this week we top that with our latest addition….a baby riding a Roomba.  Now I am not sure that this is the most practical way to entertain your baby or to vacuum your house, however the baby seems pretty cool with her new mode of transport….  In fact, i think i want an adult sized one!

(12/08/11) Coolness Fail

This week’s Tech Fail is a fail in looking cool (and it involves some tech… so i say it qualifies!)  Now i am sure this horse racing Xbox Kinect game (Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer) is brilliant fun for kids…but there is something about a grown man pretending to ride an imaginary horse that is just funny.  Sit back, be prepared to witness a complete failure in looking remotely cool try not to laugh at the poor man. :-)

Thanks to PluggedIn user Gurprit for this weeks contribution to the fail hall of fame.

(05/08/11) Tech Fail is back!

We have been super busy here at PluggedIn hence the “little” Tech Fail break…but we are back and ready to help you catch up on all the Tech Fails that have been happening in our absence!  This weeks Tech Fail comeback was submitted by PluggedIn user Wialli and combines kitchen appliances, a fail (of course!) and the internet phenomenom of “planking”(or “the lying down game” depending on your allegiance.) Either way, sit back, relax and laugh at someone elses misfortune/stupidity… 

(27/05/11) Photocopier prank fail…

For the observant Tech fail fans out there you will notice i missed a week…. all i can do is apologize and make it up to you with an extra special Tech Fail for today :-)   This week’s Tech Fail Friday highlights the potentially disasterous (and embarassing) consequences of a guy who thinks he is being both original and funny by pulling the classic office photocopier prank…. i would LOVE to know how he explained this to his boss!

(06/05/11) Automatic barrier fail…

Tech Fail Fridays have returned to their ususal Friday slot and i have decided that i have had enough of cute animals being taunted and confused by technology and have returned to the the seemingly consistent formula of technology + human = fail.  Imagine the trauma of your car breaking down miles from home…ok, now imagine the relief you feel as a wonderful AA man turns up in his trusty little yellow van to tow you home…. problem solved, disaster averted, you can breath a sigh of relief…or can you…?

(28/04/11) Fan versus kitten…

All these bank holidays are messing with Tech Fail Fridays!  So yet again this week we have a Tech Fail Friday..on a Thursday :-)

I was going to nominate the PS3 network problems for this weeks Tech Fail… but then i thought a video of someones tech bloopers or a cute animal was much more fun!  So to continue with the cute pets theme, this weeks Tech Fail features an epic battle between a small kitten and an electric fan – c’mon the kitten show that that pesky air you mean business!

(21/04/11) Robovac, a cat and a baby chick….

Wow – 2 tech fails in a week, now i am spoiling you :-) Ok so this probably isn’t technically a Tech fail…but it’s Easter and this video features a cute baby chick and some technology so i just couldn’t resist…enjoy!

(18/04/11) Beer pouring, snack carrying robot…Fail

Here at PluggedIn we have decided to shake things up a bit with a Tech Fail Friday…on a Monday! (Ok so i just forgot last week :-) but i have an extra special Tech Fail for today to make up for it!  A robot that brings you snacks and pours you a beer?  Er yes please…  except maybe we will wait for the snack carrying, beer pouring robot the II….

(08/04/11)… Kitten versus laptop

Next time you are having laptop problems -call the Kitten technician and let him work his magic…

At least it’s not just us humans that are sometimes confused and frustrated by our laptops! 

(25/03/11)… Segway Fail(s)

Ah, Segways… i find just the idea of them quite funny if i am honest…but the potential for Segways (or their drivers) to cause chaos makes them worthy in my eyes of a whole 90 second montage of Fails for this week’s Tech Fail. (Although i do think the chimp on a Segway is a little disturbing!)

(18/03/11) … Golf buggy Fail

Golf buggies – designed to get you to the next tee quickly and efficiently, right?


I have only once driven a golf cart…and i really don’t remember it being that difficult…… however, this was clearly a particularly high-tech pesky golf buggy that caused these two ladies a little trouble.  I love that the driver eventually abandons her passenger to her fate with the shrubs!

(11/03/11)… Wii Tech Fail 

What is the one thing you most probably would cry out after ruining your nice LCD TV?
Yes that’s right… “mama”.

This week I have nominated the by now infamous young lady who becomes a little too preoccupied sending a text while walking through her local shopping centre… this is not just a Tech Fail, this is an epic tech fail!

It’s Tech Fail Friday again!  This weeks Tech Fail winner was nominated by user Nicki.

Do Washing Machines like bricks? …No!

This week’s Tech FAIL proves that exercise is dangerous – FACT!

The “unbreakable” phone is the feature of this weeks Tech FAIL… love the BBC reporters reaction!

It’s that time of the week again… Tech FAIL Friday!  This week’s entry showcases a fine example of printer rage (we have all been there!)  followed by the irate office workers absolutely priceless reaction!

For this week’s Tech FAIL Friday, i have a video of some people with very cool hair :-) who are failing to cope with the seemingly simple task of using a hand car wash… I particularly love the guy who “plays dead” to try to trick the evil hose!

Send us your examples of technology terrors, gadgets going gaga or appliance atrocities to and we will pick our favourite each week to win the dubious honour of PluggedIn’s Tech FAIL of the Week.

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