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Tech and Gadget Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It is Father’s Day on June 17 and that means it’s time to rush out and buy your dad, pop, papa, big man, old man, a present.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune to show him how much he means to you, remember it’s the thought that counts. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy him socks or a jumper – AGAIN – in fact, you’d be better off buying him nothing than those.

So, to help in your search for the perfect papa pressie, here’s some ideas from the world of technology.

We’re sure he’ll love them and love you for choosing it for Father’s Day. Just don’t hold us responsible if he doesn’t.

» Apple TV

The latest version of Apple’s Apple TV comes ready with full HD 1080p resolution. This little box of tricks connects to your television set using HDMI and to your Wi-Fi or router and allows you to stream content from your computer, iPod, iPhone or iPad. You can also log in to iTunes and rent movies and TV shows as well as watch YouTube videos and the like. Best of all you can mirror what’s showing on the screen of your iPad to play games on the big screen or show off your own mini movies and photos.

» Philips Do It Yourself Hair Clipper

Whether your father has a full head of hair or just a little bit on his bonce, this clipper will cope. It’ll save him a trip to the barbers and save him money in the long run. It comes with three different combs to attach and can cut to 18 different lengths between 1mm and 30mm. There’s also a precision trimmer for sideburns. You’ll get one hour of cordless use from a full charge.

» Babyliss I-Stubble

If dad has more hair on his face than he does on his head, then this is the perfect gift. The I-Stubble will trim for 45 minutes once charged and has 15 different cutting lengths. They are chosen by clearly shown numbers on the screen ensuring whether it’s a bit of shadow or a longer beard, his face will look just how he likes it.

» Beats By Dr Dre Solo HD Headphones with Talk Control

Bring your old man into the 21st century with these modern cans to use with his gramophone. Whether he listens to music on a stereo, MP3 player, iPad, iPod, TV, smartphone or DAB radio, these headphones will make even the worst collection of tunes and tracks sound good. They are lightweight and have a talk function to allow answering the phone should it ring mid beat. They will also make him look hip… maybe!

» Sony Bloggie Duo V HD Pocket Camcorder

Making movies is not just for Spielberg. This pocket camcorder films in full 1080p HD and will allow dad to capture those magic moments of family life. Just pretend you’re busy when he asks you to sit there and watch what he’s taken. Although you might not be able to escape for long as this camera can be connected to a computer and with one button press, the films will be uploaded to the internet to be viewed anywhere. It’s simple to use too and can also connect directly to an HD TV using HDMI.

» Kindle Touch 3G + Wi-Fi

He might love sitting in bed or on an armchair reading the latest paperback but he’ll love reading it on an electronic device even more. The latest Kindle from Amazon has a touch screen to make it easier to use and can store up to 3000 books, magazines and newspapers. It has the most readable screen of any e-reader device and it is well worth paying that little bit more for both 3G and Wi-Fi so he can connect to the internet and download new reading material wherever he goes.

» Hostess Wine Preserver

We’re not saying your father likes to drink, but if he does enjoy the odd glass of red or white then this could save him having to pour what’s left down the sink. A vacuum process will seal the half-drunk bottle enabling it to be finished off on another day without it spoiling. It can manage 40 re-seals on a single charge although only comes with two stoppers meaning only a pair can be sealed at a time. Why not match it up with the Hostess Cork Remover too, which also includes a foil cutter.

» Roberts Sports Personal DAB Radio

With the European Champions starting in Poland and Ukraine, football will surely be top of most dads’ agendas. So to ensure he can keep up with what’s happening on the pitch wherever he goes, this portable DAB radio is perfect. It’s even been adorned in the Union flag to celebrate a massive summer of sport which also includes Wimbledon and the Olympics. He’ll be able to store 20 radio stations and there’s also an FM tuner too for areas or poor DAB reception.

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