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The perfect blend of Tassimo

The smoothness of Tassimo coffees and teas and a stylish new multi-drink machine from Bosch offer a world of flavour – with perfect results every time.

The new Tassimo multi-drink machine by Bosch combines the award-winning Tassimo system with Bosch’s renowned looks and quality and the premium taste of Kenco coffees, Twining teas and Suchard hot chocolate in a form that will grace any kitchen or dining room.

How it works

The round, flat T DISCs have the right amount of ingredients sealed in to protect their flavour. Since your drink flows straight from the T-DISC to your cup, you are guaranteed the best taste and aroma. The TASSIMO system reads the bar code printed on each T DISC. It adds the right amount of water for that drink, and sets the best temperature. So drinks are prepared perfectly, consistently. You also can adjust the strength of each drink to taste.

Its unique instant water heater technology means the TASSIMO is ready to use straight away – no more waiting before or between drinks. Since it only heats the water you need, then switches straight back to standby, the TASSIMO by Bosch is very energy efficient. And if you don’t need it on standby, the on-off switch on the front of the machine turns it all off easily.

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