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New YouTube channels come to the latest Smart TVs

As YouTube launch 60 new dedicated TV channels on the internet video platform, remember you can watch some of these and far more using a Smart TV hooked up to the web for surfing, apps, catch-up, on-demand and social networks.

Felix Baumgartner breaks YouTube and sound barriers

As part of the Red Bull Stratos mission, Felix Baumgartner broke at least four world records today when he free-fell from the edge of the stratosphere back down to earth with nothing but a suit and a chute.

YouTube to skirt new Google search demotion rules for pirated content

Google’s new piracy-fighting search algorithm, which downgrades illegal content, is unlikely to affect its YouTube service which, is arguably the home of much of the web’s illegally uploaded content.

Calls down, texts and smartphones up – how Britain now communicates

Communication watchdog Ofcom has given the deepest glimpse yet at the way British people use technology in their everyday lives from talking to texting to surfing to owning smartphones and tablet computers.

Yogscast Channel reaches one billion YouTube views

The Yogscast Channel, a comedy gaming channel on YouTube, has become the UK’s first to reach the one billion views milestone. Here’s why…

Apple iPad 3 countdown: top YouTube videos

And the iPad 3 buzz has not escaped video-sharing website YouTube. So, ahead of the device’s imminent unveiling, what are the top iPad 3 videos?

Adele at the Brits, David Haye… the week’s most controversial YouTube videos

Whether it was boxers brawling outside of the ring, or an award-winner getting cut off, we’ve not been left short of conversation topics down the pub.

YouTube: top tech videos

To celebrate YouTube getting one hour of video uploaded every second, what are some of the best tech videos doing the rounds at the moment?

Apple iPhone 5 rumours: top YouTube videos

What better way to enjoy an iPhone 5 rumour than a YouTube video? Here are some of the best, featuring rumours, speculation, and pure fantasy.

YouTube Slam – Which Classic Videos Would Win?

Video sharing website YouTube is to start pitting viral videos against each other. But which classic videos would we like to have seen go head-to-head?