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Marissa Mayer quits Google to become Yahoo’s new CEO

Google’s employee no. 20 and head of location services Marissa Mayer leaves to head up embattled Yahoo and set the tech industry abuzz since the Yahoo tend to go through CEOs like tissue paper.

Yahoo Voices hacked with 400,000 passwords set loose

Yahoo has confirmed that over 400,000 unencrypted Yahoo Voices passwords are at risk after a security breach from a hacker group calling itself D33Ds. Looks like it’s time to change your passwords… again.

Yahoo and Facebook resolve their differences and form new partnership

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the tech companies could just get along with suing each other every five minutes? Yahoo and Facebook have now proven that you don’t need a courtroom to settle differences.

Yahoo mass job cuts – why now?

The company has said the lay-offs will be completed by the end of this year, and estimates it will save around £236 million as a result. But is this the only reason for the job cuts?