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Star Wars Kinect on Xbox – is it any good?

Star Wars Kinect has just been released for the Xbox 360, giving fans everywhere the chance to master the lightsaber and harness the power of the force.

Kinect for Windows – What You Need to Know

Steve Ballmer promised it at CES, and now it is here. Kinect has finally arrived on Windows, and looks set to revolutionise home computing

Star Wars, Mass Effect 3, Pixar… top Kinect games this year

Kinect, Microsoft’s motion sensor technology for the Xbox 360, has given gaming a whole new dimension. Find out more about the top Kinect games this year.

Kinect hitting Windows in February

Microsoft’s largely uninspiring CES 2012 keynote did let slip one juicy morsel of news: Kinect will be coming to Windows in February 2012.

Xbox 720, Kinect, Xbox TV – top Xbox trends for 2012

A new console, new motion sensor technology – it is set to be a big year for Microsoft and Xbox. Here is our pick of the top Xbox trends to watch out for in 2012.

Kinect 2 rumours

Rumours are circulating that Kinect 2 is in development and is set to take motion sensor gaming to the next level, find it out!

Celebrate a Year of Kinect with 10 Fascinating Facts

There are now more than 10 million Kinect devices connected to Xbox 360 consoles in living rooms around the world. Microsoft’s movement-sensing gaming gadget controls the action on screen through your body and voice. Here’s 10 reasons why it’s so popular as it celebrates its first 12 months on sale.

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360
Rating: ★★★½☆

The Nintendo Wii made waves when it came out in 2006. It wasn’t because of an exciting array of incredible launch titles – there weren’t any. And it absolutely wasn’t due to the Wii packing dazzling HD graphics – it doesn’t.

Xbox 360: Microsoft Launches Avatar Kinect and Kinect Sparkler

Kinect Fun Labs, which allows the user to discover and play with the newest advances in Kinect technology, is launching two new experiences for Xbox 360: Avatar Kinect and Kinect Sparkler.

UFC Personal Trainer for Xbox 360 Kinect, Playstation Move and Wii

Who said you’ve got to pound the pavements running or head to the gym every day to lose weight for summer? Tech and game lovers can lose weight, get fit and still have fun with the launch of a new game for Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation Move and Wii.