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Xbox 720 – what we want to see

There has been plenty of speculation and rumour about what this next-gen console will feature. But what would we like to see in the Xbox 720?

Xbox 720 vs Sony PS4 – rumours so far

There has been plenty of discussion about how powerful these consoles will be, but little in the way of confirmation. So how do they compare so far?

Xbox 720 – top three juiciest rumours

We’ve had little in the way of concrete detail about the Xbox 720, but there have been some exciting rumours doing the rounds.

Xbox 720: what you need to know

What do we know about the next console offering from Microsoft? Well, nothing for sure. But we have had plenty of speculation to keep us busy.

Microsoft: No Xbox 720 release in 2012

The French arm of Microsoft has stated that there will be no new Xbox 720 console released before the end of the year.

Nintendo Wii U vs Xbox 720 – the battle of the next-gen consoles

The Wii U and Xbox 720 are set to be the first of the next-gen consoles, so how do the two measure up?

Super-powerful Xbox 720 chip enters production

The Xbox 720 could be with us in October 2013 if reports that its new, super-charged chipset have entered production are true.

Next Xbox and PS4 to be unveiled at E3 2012?

Rumours are rife that this year’s E3 could be one of the most important shows in gaming history, with the Sony PS4 and next Xbox to be announced.

Microsoft to add PVR functionality to Xbox 720?

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it is transforming the Xbox 360 in a media hub to extend the its life, but it looks as if the company is going a step further by adding PVR functionality to the next generation of the console.

Xbox 720, Kinect, Xbox TV – top Xbox trends for 2012

A new console, new motion sensor technology – it is set to be a big year for Microsoft and Xbox. Here is our pick of the top Xbox trends to watch out for in 2012.