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Learn how to secure a wireless network

Wireless networks give you the ability to work anywhere, but they can also open your business up to unwanted intrusion unless you secure them correctly. Find out how with our handy guide.

Securing your wireless network

Being able to log on from anywhere in the house is brilliant – but wireless networks can be easy for hackers to get into. So if you don’t want someone stealing your identity and your credit card numbers, you can enable security on your network.

How To Connect Your Wii To A Wireless Network

Enjoy online multiplayer games, internet TV and much more by connecting your Nintendo Wii to your home internet connection with the help of our simple guide.

Setting up your wireless router with your broadband details

Get your gadgets hooked up to the wireless network! Setting up the wireless router with your PC is a doddle if you follow these simple steps.

Routers and wireless internet

Wireless internet is really handy if you don’t fancy being tied to the desk. All you need is a modem router or cable router – depending on whether you’re with Virgin Media or Sky!