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Lenovo unveils new Windows 8 hybrid laptops and tablets

Lenovo has revealed that it is launching four hybrid devices, including two variants of the IdeaPad Yoga, the IdeaPad Lynx and the ThinkPad Twist. Here’s what you need to know about the new Lenovo tabtops to hit the block.

Could Windows 8 dominate the tablet market by 2015?

Research has suggested that the share of the tablet market currently occupied by Windows 8 devices, currently just 4%, is likely to rise five-fold by 2015 bringing direct competition to the Android and iOS devices.

Windows 8 Ultrabook tablets dominate IFA

Multi-touch tablets featuring Intel’s Ultrabook specifications were the order of the day at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin this week, with Sony, Toshiba and Samsung amongst those debuting their own versions of the model.

Acer warns Microsoft to ‘think twice’ over Surface plans

Head of Acer JT Wang has zinged Microsoft about its tablet-making skills, urging the software giant to ‘think twice’ about the Microsoft Surface because they don’t have the best record in producing successful hardware.

Lenovo Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet 2 – Rival to Apple’s iPad?

Rumours of a Lenovo Windows 8-equipped ThinkPad Tablet 2 have been circulating for while, and the latest leak gives us some juicy details of the device. Here’s what we know so far…

Microsoft Early Hands-on Expert Review

Microsoft has re-branded and re-engineered Hotmail, but has it done enough? Take a look at our early hand-on review to find out what we made of

Microsoft Surface tablet to arrive on October 26th

Microsoft has confirmed its Surface tablet will go on sale the same day as Windows 8 which would mean late October. But is the nail already in the coffin for the Surface? Here’s what you need to know.

Windows 8 release date announced: what can we expect?

Due for release on 26 October, the new Windows 8 operating system looks set to be rather special. So what can we expect from this versatile OS?

Microsoft Office 2013 – What you need to know

To go with the Windows 8 OS, Microsoft has unveiled Office 2013 – the latest edition of the world’s most popular productivity application. Will this be the year of Microsoft domination?

Microsoft claim that tablets will outsell desktops next year

Microsoft’s head of Windows Web Services, Antoine Leblond, is clear about tablet potential for Windows 8, which he says is a “generational change” for Windows. But is he right?