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Are Windows tablets the latest rival to Apple’s iPad?

Recent reports have revealed that Microsoft could be launching its own self-branded tablet next week – so could this be the latest rival to Apple’s iconic iPad?

What overheating? New iPad Is a Hit With Users

The new iPad is a great device, but there have been numerous reports from around the world about the device’s problems, with the top complaint being about the new iPad’s temperature.

Apple iPad 3: how Apple plans to crush the opposition

With the iPad 3 just around the corner, how will Apple stay at the top of the tablet pile? As usual, the US tech giant has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Apple iPad 3 countdown: top games for the iPad

 The iPad 3 hype is reaching fever pitch now. We decided to take look at some of the best gaming apps for the iPad, so you’ll know just what to download when the iPad 3 comes along. 

Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6

In the world of mobile devices, it is Samsung and Apple that are the two heavyweights. So how do their upcoming tablets compare?

Apple needs to learn from Android for iPad 3

Apple might be one of the biggest hitters in the smartphone and tablet space, but it needs a big re-think of its strategy if it’s going to stay at the sharp end.