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The Best Tech for your Euro 2012 Party Kick-off

Get ready for the football at Euro 2012 and support England, the Republic of Ireland or any other nation with your pals round using some of the best party technology available including a popcorn maker, mini TV, personal DAB radio or George Foreman grill.

A Quarter of Brits Watch Their TV On-demand

One in four Brits now does most of their TV viewing on-demand thanks to the popularity of Smart TVs and catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and Sky Go.

5 Reasons Why You’ll Want an Apple iTV

When Apple released the original iPhone and kicked off the current smartphone revolution, several companies started worrying.

The next big thing: web applications for your TV

The article considers the new technology of web applications on your TV. It looks at the possibility of merging both the aspects of a PC and a TV, and the advantages and possible disadvantages of this. It considers which internet enabled TVs are available, and the products that certain companies have on the market. It concludes that the technology will make TV viewing simpler whilst more advanced.