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Kickstarter Launches in the UK – Here’s How to Get Your Idea Funded

As Kickstarter launches in the UK, learn more about what it does and how you can use crowd-funding to get a project or idea off the ground by attracting financial support from people who believe in it.

Things To Know When Buying A Raspberry Pi

Want to understand more about the Raspberry Pi mini computer? Read how it’s changing the way young people interact with technology and why the $25 device could change the future of technology.

iPad and tablets transforming digital consumption

A new report on tablet user behaviour from the US sheds a fascinating insight into the way the device has penetrated the technology market and just how much they have impacted our lives.

O2 block The Pirate Bay

After a high court ruling against The Pirate Bay for aiding the illegal downloading of music, O2 have become the latest UK broadband service provider to block the file sharing website.

Tech To Help Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Queen celebrates 60 years on the British throne this weekend – here are some ways technology can help you commemorate her achievement from apps to websites to gadgets.

Peter the Galaxy Note Elephant and Other Tech Savvy Animals Showcase their Skills

Animals + technology = fun! An elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note, a chameleon with an iPhone, a gorilla checking out a DS and a goldfish playing Call of Duty (OK that last one may have been made up….)

What would you give up to keep the internet?

A survey has revealed what Brits would give up for a year to maintain their connection to the internet, with some surprising results.

CES 2012: Technology trends to watch out for

CES 2012 – the world’s largest technology show – promises to highlight future innovations for technology and consumer electronics. But what are the big technology trends to watch out for in 2012?

5 Ways Steve Jobs Changed the World of Technology

Following the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs last night, we take a look at the man’s contribution to the world of technology.

New robotic cleaners come to the UK

Living the classic Jetsons cartoon dream life could soon be a reality as Electrolux announce plans to unveil new ‘robotic’ cleaners.