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Kindle Fire 2, Nexus 7, iPad Mini… battle of the low-cost tablets

Things are heating up in the tablet stakes with tech fans barely able to keep pace with the number of back-to-back releases and whispers about devices that have yet come to the market. In the battle of the tablets will the Kindle Fire 2, Nexus 7, iPad Mini come out on top?

Asus Transformer Pad 300 gets an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean refit

The Asus Transformer Pad 300 looks set to be one of the first devices outside of Google HQ to be granted an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean refit. But what can users expect and when will they get it? Find out here!

Google reveals the secrets of email delivery with the Story of Send

Want to learn what happens to an email after you’ve written it? Well, Google has come up with a virtual tour of electronic message delivery to educate you.

Asus TF300 – is it any good?

The Transformer 300, the latest device from computer giant Asus, is about to hit our stores. But is it any good?

Apple iPhone 5 – the latest rumours you need to know

The next-gen smartphone from Apple is still a while away – the iPhone 4S is still doing very well. But that’s never stopped the gossip before. So what are the Apple iPhone 5 hottest new rumours?

New Apple iPad – Best Apps For Using On the Retina Display

After months of waiting, speculating, debating, and generally counting the minutes, the new iPad is finally available to buy. What are the best apps that have been updated to utilise the iPad’s best feature – the retina display?

Apple iPad Mini – what you need to know

The leak concerns the iPad Mini, an exciting new 7.85-inch tablet that Apple is reported to be releasing later this year. So what do we know about it so far?

Apple’s new iPad: more successful than the iPad 2?

There’s no denying the quality of Apple’s latest device – the specs are fantastic, and Apple has really stepped up its game once again. But can it beat the success of the iPad 2?

Apple iPad 3 vs Amazon Kindle Fire 2

We’ve had little in the way of detail from both Amazon and Apple, but as ever there has been speculation aplenty. So how do the Apple iPad 3 and the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 measure up?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – what you need to know

Rumours have been circulating that we could see a tablet-sized version of the Samsung Galaxy Note at MWC, dubbed the Galaxy Note 10.1.