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How to Set Up Your PC for Great Surround Sound

Two, four, six, eight how many speakers do we appreciate? The days when people would be awestruck to hear a PC make tiny cheeping sounds from its internal speaker are long gone.

Tips for Buying a Home Cinema System

If you’re buying a Home Cinema system then start here with our guide to everything you need to know about watching movies and hearing sound through Blu-ray, DVD and speakers.

How to Set Up Your Home Entertainment Kit

Helping you understand main cables and connectors used in your home entertainment system.

How to Set Up a Home Cinema System

Buying a home cinema system? Best get familiar with the jargon! There are three systems to choose from so it’s best to know what you’re talking about! Take a look at our handy video guide.

What sound options are available for my TV?

There’s no point in having a state of the art TV picture, with mediocre sound. You’ll want to hear sports, music and movies in crystal, clear clarity to match the action. That’s where sound systems come into play. Read our guide to what’s on offer with today’s TVs.