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Windows Surface RT tablets – new details emerge

The first tablet from Microsoft is set for release in October, and some juicy details have finally come to light. So what do we know about the Surface tablet so far and will it be any good?

Microsoft Surface tablet to arrive on October 26th

Microsoft has confirmed its Surface tablet will go on sale the same day as Windows 8 which would mean late October. But is the nail already in the coffin for the Surface? Here’s what you need to know.

Are Microsoft taking a risk with the Surface tablet?

Software giant Microsoft has hinted that its foray into the tablet market, with the Surface, could damage other areas of its business. Will the Surface be a success or will it be the next tablet contender to fall short of Apple’s mighty iPad.

Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad – Battle of the tablets

With the launch of its Surface tablet, Microsoft has finally made the move into tablet manufacturing and is gearing up to take on the king of this particular market. Apple’s New iPad.

Microsoft Surface tablet opens the door for Application Developers

As Microsoft unveil their new Surface tablet, many see the device as a turning point for application developers eager to start creating programs for use with the keyboard feature.

Microsoft Surface tablet – will it be a success?

With a detachable keyboard and trackpad, as well as a handy kickstand, the Surface is both pretty and practical. But will this be enough for success in a tough tablet market headed by Apple’s New iPad?

Microsoft announces new Surface tablet but can it compete with the iPad?

Microsoft put the rumors to rest today when they unveiled the Microsoft Surface tablet at a special event in LA. But does it have what it takes to compete with Apple’s New iPad?