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Forget the Sony PS Vita, what do we want in the PS Vita 2?

Here at Pluggedin we like to keep one step ahead of the game, and like true techies, look ahead to the next product.

Sony PS Vita: will it be a success over here?

There’s no doubting that the PS Vita is an excellent piece of gaming kit, but will its credentials turn into commercial success?

Sony PS Vita countdown: games we want to see

What games would we like to see make the transition to on-the-go gaming? Here is our pick of the games that should, and could, appear on the Vita.

Sony PS Vita countdown: top gaming smartphone alternatives

We are never one to knock a new tech release. But which gaming smartphones will the Vita be up against?

Sony PS Vita Countdown: Most Exciting Game Trailers

Last year we brought you the trailers for the most exciting games on the PS Vita. And with the console’s release just weeks away, we thought we’d bring you some more.

Sony PS Vita countdown: top apps

 The PS Vita, Sony’s first new console in what seems like forever, is nearly here. The release date is just under a month away now. What are some of the best apps to look forward to on the PS Vita? 

Access TV looks to PlayStation Vita launch

With Vita just around the corner for non-Japanese audiences, the latest episode of Sony’s Access TV for PlayStation owners takes a look at the forthcoming handheld console.

Sony PS Vita: specs round-up

The latest handheld console from the gaming experts, the PS Vita is the follow-up to the hugely successful PSP. So what can we expect? 

Sony PS Vita countdown: biggest handheld games of 2011

With the release of the Sony PS Vita just around the corner, what were the most successful handheld games of the last year?

Sony’s PS Vita struggling to sell

Sony’s latest handheld console, the PS Vita, has suffered a huge drop in sales in its second week in Japan. In its second week on sale in Japan, Sony’s latest handheld console, the PS Vita, has suffered a huge drop in sales. Find out more…