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Facebook phone out ‘by next year,’ ex-Apple engineers sign on

Facebook could have a smartphone on the market by next year, according to the New York Times. The paper quotes a Facebook employee who says CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scared of becoming just an app.

What a Tweet! Twitter reports 10 million UK users

As one of the fastest growing social networking sites, Twitter has revealed further signs of its success by announcing it now have a staggering 10 million active users in the UK.

Do you socialise more online than for real?

Surprisingly, only three in 10 people admit to having more friends online than offline, although, half of them do agree web relationships are far more superficial and less meaningful.

Instagram users jumping ship over Facebook acquistion

Social networking giant Facebook bought social photo-sharing giant Instagram yesterday for $1 billion.

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook has just announced that it has bought the Instagram photo-sharing service for a cool $1 billion (around £630 million).

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Networking

Can you imagine a time before social networks – a time before the latest news story broke on Twitter ahead of the major news outlets, and before we had the ability to set up events on Facebook?

Twitter joke trial: how the wrong tweet can get you in trouble with the law

Since being launched in 2006, Twitter has gone from strength to strength. But sending the wrong tweet can land you in hot water.

Bebo offline: cheap publicity stunt or real deal?

It has now become clear that Bebo was not dead, just offline due to the age-old excuse of ‘some technical difficulties’. Was this a genuine mistake, or maybe it is just some excellent marketing?

Top Twitter accounts for techies

There is an endless list of gadget websites, industry journalists, and general tech enthusiasts to choose from on Twitter. Find out more…

Google beats Facebook as most-visited US site

Market research shows that Google beat off competition from rivals Facebook and Yahoo to take the top spot.