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Google’s Siri rival – what do we know so far?

As part of its assault on its US tech rival, Google is working on plans for a voice assistant to rival Apple’s Siri. So what do we know so far about the secretive ‘Project Majel’?

Apple’s Siri for iOS 6 – what you need to know

Following yesterday’s WWDC, iOS 6 will be available on iPhone and iPad and is due for release in autumn this year. But what do you need to know about Siri for iOS 6?

10 Things To Take Away From Apple’s WWDC 2012

Apple has unveiled new MacBook Air and Pro models plus announced news of iOS 6 and its Mac Mountain Lion OS X operating system at its WWDC 2012 developers’ conference in San Francisco. Find out all the key points here.

Apple’s Siri changes its mind over Nokia Lumia 900

You can say what you like about Apple’s voice activated butler, Siri (and plenty of people have), but there’s no denying it’s honesty. Well, until recently that is.

Apple’s Siri touts Nokia Lumia 900 as the ‘best smartphone ever’

Far from blowing its own trumpet, Apple has been promoting its competitors with the iPhone 4S personal assistant Siri touting the Nokia Lumia 900 as the ‘best smartphone ever’!

Is Apple’s Siri already dead?

One 4S user in the US is suing Apple for what he claims are misleading adverts for the voice-activation software. Could this be the beginning of the end?

Top Siri alternatives for Android

Google is reportedly preparing voice recognition software to rival Apple’s Siri. But if you can’t wait for that, here are some of the best Siri alternatives on the Android Market.

Apple iTV on test in Canada?

Two Canadian telecommunications companies, Rogers and Bell, are rumoured to be testing out Apple iTV in their labs.

10 Siri tips and tricks: do more with iPhone 4S

Siri is a digital assistant that’s currently only available on the iPhone 4S. Siri is designed to understands what you say and get the right meaning from the instructions that you give it.

Apple iPhone 4S Siri: Beware Data Consumption

Apple’s new iPhone 4S voice recognition software Siri could leave users with hefty data charges, new research shows.