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Mortal Kombat for PS Vita – is it any good?

Mortal Kombat has been given its first handheld makeover in years, with the launch of Mortal Kombat for the PS Vita. But is it worth getting?

Skype on PS Vita – what you need to know

Sony will be hoping to boost its sales figures as the PS Vita with the addition of Skype. But what do you need to know about the app?

Mortal Kombat for PS Vita – what you need to know

The game promises to be everything we know and love about the series when it’s released on 4th May in the UK. Find out more…

Sony PS Vita – Can it beat the Nintendo 3DS?

Sony’s handheld has now been released into the wild. So how has the Vita fared so far? And will it beat the Nintendo 3DS?

Was the Sony PS Vita the perfect tech launch?

After all the speculation and hype, there is a lot of pressure on big companies to deliver at launch. So did Sony live up to the expectation?

Three Sony PS Vita accessories you need to own

Not only are there loads of games, but there is a huge range of PS Vita accessories available. So which ones do you need to own?

PS Vita sales ‘to hit 12.4m this year’

Around 12.4 million PlayStation Vita handheld consoles will be sold in 2012, according to a forecast by Strategy Analytics, bringing a much needed boost for Sony revenues as people rush to buy games for the device.

PS Vita goes on sale in the UK

Sony’s PS Vita has officially gone on sale in the UK, with some high street stores opening at midnight to allow gamers to get their eager, grasping mitts on the handheld console.

Sony PS Vita – all you need to know

We’ve been closely following the Vita’s progress over the past couple months. And now that it’s here, we’ve condensed it into one handy bite-sized guide.

Sony: PS Vita is ‘best PlayStation ever’

Sony has spoken of its great confidence in the PS Vita, describing it as “the best PlayStation ever” and reckoning it will last up to eight years.