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60 Mins of Tech Tips to Do in the Hour the Clocks Go Back

As the clocks go back this weekend, here are six 10-minute technology tasks you can do with your extra hour rather than spend it in bed from updating your security software to checking out the benefits of Windows 8.

PC or Mac: Which Should You Choose?

Looking to buy a new computer and need some help answering that big question? Should you choose a Windows PC or an Apple Mac? In this guide, we’ll look at the advantages of both so you can decide which is best for you.

Setting up your home office – the ultimate how to guide

One of the hardest parts about starting up on your own is deciding how to kit out your home office. Do you chose a Mac or PC, wireless or wired? Our ultimate how to guide will help you decide.

How to Set Up Your PC for Great Surround Sound

Two, four, six, eight how many speakers do we appreciate? The days when people would be awestruck to hear a PC make tiny cheeping sounds from its internal speaker are long gone.

How To Set Up Your Desk Correctly

If you are one of the millions of people who work in an office or you are looking to set up an office at home then making sure your desk and work space is set up correctly is vitally important for your health.

Plastic-Free Eco Mouse from Fujitsu

The ECO mouse from Fujitsu is 100 percent recyclable, so the environment need not suffer from the millions whose hands are attached to a plastic rodent, as they can swap it with a biodegradable one.

10 ways to spring clean your PC

After a while, your computer can become as cluttered as your house can! Files and unused programmes just slow your poor PC down. Tips here, like disk clean-up, running troubleshooter and using anti-virus software can help.

Top Tips when Buying a New Computer

If you haven’t bought a computer for a while, the jargon may be a bit daunting! We explain some key terms. From the basics – PC, laptop and netbook, to the more complicated – optical drives, HDMI and Blu-ray!

What Computer Is Best For Me?

A simple guide to the difference between netbooks, laptops and desktop computers and which is best suited to what kind of tasks a customer is looking to do.

Accessorise your PC

The ultimate computer accessories – we look at the some essential PC kit every home set-up needs. Webcams, keyboards and speakers – and what you might want to look for with each!