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Apple loses appeal against Samsung in UK

Apple has lost its appeal against a High Court ruling in the UK, which stated that Samsung had not infringed the design of the iPad and that the designs were ‘considerably different’.

HTC patent claim: Could the iPhone 5 and iPad be banned in US?

If HTC’s patent claims are upheld, there is a chance that the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad could be banned in the US – a devastating blow for Apple ahead of tomorrow night’s big launch event in San Fransisco.

Judge calls for peace in Apple vs Samsung trial

The US judge presiding over the patent trial between Apple and Samsung has called for the white flag to be flown and made a suggestion that “it’s time for peace”. Don’t think there’s much chance of that happening!

Latest in court – 40 Apple prototypes revealed and Samsung annoy the judge

All the latest from the patent battle between Apple and Samsung including opening statements, 40 Apple prototypes, claims of “We’ve been ripped off” and Samsung annoying the judge.

Apple to effectively advertise Samsung?

US tech giant Apple has been ordered to run an advert in the UK saying that Samsung did not copy the iPad, reports have revealed.

Apple deals blow to Samsung with US ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1

In the on-going, worldwide patent battle between Apple and Samsung, Apple have just landed a critical blow to its South Korean rival by having its 10.1″ Galaxy Tab banned in the US.

Samsung and Apple hold patent discussions

Two of the tech world’s heaviest heavyweights, Apple and Samsung, have met in a San Francisco courthouse for discussions about their ongoing patent battles.

Will talks between Apple and Samsung actually work?

Apple and Samsung are due to meet in May to discuss the possibility of coming to an agreement over their ongoing legal dispute, but will it really change anything?

Google+, patent battles, Steve Jobs… the top tech stories of 2011

Here is our pick of the biggest tech stories of the year from controversy, to tragedy, to patent squabbling and a new social network. Find out more…