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O2 Launch Free Wi-Fi for London ahead of the Olympics

O2 are the latest company to offer Londoners a free helping of Wi-Fi goodness this Summer just in-time for the London Olympics. But where will you be able to get free Wi-Fi and how do you connect?

Give O2 a break – you shouldn’t be so dependent on your phone

Sure the O2 network outage is annoying, but it’s not the end of the world! Just be patient people. Remember when App stores and streaming media were the stuff of dreams? It wasn’t that long ago.

O2 block The Pirate Bay

After a high court ruling against The Pirate Bay for aiding the illegal downloading of music, O2 have become the latest UK broadband service provider to block the file sharing website.

Mobile Phone 4G Trial Launched by O2

A 4G trial has been launched by O2 in London to help determine the future of commercial 4G integration.