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GTA 5 coming to Nintendo Wii U?

There have been suggestions that the eagerly anticipated GTA 5 could make an appearance on the Nintendo Wii U, but could it really happen? And if so, what would it bring to gamers?

Will the Sony PS Vita damage the Nintendo Wii U?

The Wii U certainly an exciting piece of kit, but whether it does well commercially is completely unknown. But according to Sony, the console will struggle to appeal.

Nintendo Wii U release date in November?

The tech world rumour mill has long been telling us that the Nintendo Wii U will be ready to go by this Christmas, but history has taught us to treat every tech rumour with plenty of suspicion.

Sony PS4 – The Latest Rumours Assessed

One gaming manufacturer we haven’t heard much from is Sony, and its next generation console – the Playstation 4. But the rumour mill is never one to disappoint, delivering a fresh batch of hearsay just when we’d forgotten all about the PS4.

Gaming the UK’s Biggest Entertainment Industry

Research has revealed that gaming has overtaken video to become the biggest entertainment category in the country.

Nintendo Wii U vs Xbox 720 – the battle of the next-gen consoles

The Wii U and Xbox 720 are set to be the first of the next-gen consoles, so how do the two measure up?

Nintendo Wii U: Rumours Round-up

Let’s focus on another console that has a more likely 2012 release – the Nintendo Wii U. We’ve been given the odd bit of detail from Nintendo since the Wii U’s unveiling at E3 last year, so what can we expect?

Nintendo Wii U – details so far

Since being unveiled at E3 last year, the Nintendo Wii U has been something of a mystery. But CES gave us a bit more information.

Nokia Lumia 900, EeePad Transformer Prime Mini, Wii U… Top CES 2012 Rumours

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is almost here, what are the juiciest rumours leading up to this year’s CES?

Zelda, Tom Clancy… The Best Wii U Game Trailers

Just how good is the Wii U going to be? Judging from the game trailers that have already been released, it is going to offer Wii gamers a whole new experience.