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More sources suggest iPad 3 launch date is February

Apple may unleash the iPad 3 in early February, according to the latest reports to hit the internet.

iPad 3 specs ‘outed’ with higher res screen, quad-core processor

New sources have claimed that the iPad 3 is imminent, apparently bringing a higher-res screen, a quad-core processor and LTE support to the Apple tablet party.

Three things the Apple iPad 3 is sure to feature

In November last year we brought you around up of the top five iPad 3 rumours that were buzzing around cyberspace. Now we look at three features the new iPad will certainly come with. As ever in the tech world, we are always thinking about the Next Big Thing.

iPad 3 ‘spotted’, Could Make Incognito Appearance at CES

CES is usually good for a few laughs and this year we are pleased to bring you the wonderful rumour that the iPad 3 could be doing the rounds at the Las Vegas convention centre.

New iPads with better battery life incoming?

Two versions of the Apple iPad 3 are set to be released in the early part of 2012, with Apple looking to create a line-up of tablets which caters for all budgets and has double the battery power of its predecessor.

How to manage your files with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Your smartphone is your true mobile companion. It has more computing power than it took to put a man on the moon. It’s an always-connected PC, sitting in your pocket; yesterday’s dreams made real.

How to convert video for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Transfer video into iTunes for free with Media Converter for Mac OS X, with our latest guide.