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Surely it’s not the iPad touch… right?

I had an odd dream last night. I was sitting in the auditorium, expectantly waiting for Tim Cook to grace the stage with his presence to launch the iPad 3, when I realised it was already in my hands and I was playing ‘Snake’ from an old Nokia phone on it.

Tablet Talk: Who can Challenge the iPad 3?

Can the latest Android-equipped tablet devices challenge the iPad’s market dominance?

iPad 3 specs leaked ahead of launch

The iPad 3 will rock an A6 quad-core processor and LTE options according to some dubious looking screenshots which have found their way onto the web.

iPad 3, Jobs’ birthday… Apple trends for February

It’s fair to say that Apple has started 2012 in a fairly low-key way, but February could see things get a little more exciting. So what can we expect from the tech giant over the next month?

Apple iPad 3 countdown: how to tell if Apple is about to launch a new product

We’ve got wise to Apple’s pre-launch activity over the years. So how can you tell if Apple is about to launch a new product?

Will the Apple iPad 3 be the iPad 2S?

Sparked by a Chinese manufacturing company called Chineestyle Co Limited, the rumour of an iPad 2S is a scary one.

iPad 3 rumours, iTunes U, patent battles… top Apple stories this week

What have we had in the way of announcements, news and rumour from the technology innovator this week?

Apple iPad 3: rumour busting

With everyone using a ‘trustworthy source’ to get a juicy rumour going, it can be hard to cut through the nonsense. So what iPad 3 rumours are the stuff of fiction?

Forget about the Apple iPad 3, what do we want in the iPad 4?

We’ve decided to jump the gun a little bit and start thinking about Apple next tablet – the iPad 4.

Apple iPad 3, Windows 8, Asus Transformer Prime… top tablet trends this year

Tablets are gearing up for a big year of sales this year. Many of the tech giants are expected to give us a tablet offering of some kind, so what can we expect?