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Why is Nokia cutting 10,000 jobs?

Finnish mobile giant Nokia is to cut a massive 10,000 jobs worldwide by the end of next year. But how did the former king of the mobile phone industry find itself struggling? Read on to find out.

Orange and T-Mobile finally tie the knot as Everything Everywhere switches on

The union between network providers Orange and T-Mobile has finally been completed, as their joint venture, Everything Everywhere, goes live.

Mobile phone sales down at start of 2012

Worldwide sales of mobile phones have dropped for the first time in nearly two years, a leading industry analyst has claimed. Samsung are doing well though!

Nokia 808 Pureview – what you need to know

The Nokia 808 PureView, the innovative handset from the Finnish mobile giant, is due for release in select markets later this month.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to Rival iPhone 4S Display?

Far from being laughable, the latest rumour concerning the device’s screen has caught our interest. According to the latest reports, the S3 will have a display to rival the iPhone 4S.

Angry Birds Space – the best Angry Birds game yet?

Just when you thought those agitated avian creatures couldn’t get any more successful, the Angry Birds have produced another smash hit game: the Angry Birds Space.

Samsung, Apple, Nokia… Big Winners at MWC

The Global Mobile Awards 2012 took place earlier this week, celebrating the best manufacturers, handsets, and software in the mobile world. So who won what?

BlackBerry Playbook 2 countdown: BB10 images leaked

Here at Pluggedin, we’re not ones for scaremongering, but it’s fair to say that BlackBerry needs to have a good year this year. BlackBerry 10, or BB10 for short, is slowly winging its way to us, with promises of a BB10 device before the end of the year.

Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Edge – battle of the smartphone underdogs

We are due a new device from both HTC and Nokia this year, in the form of the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Edge. So how do the two smartphones compare?

One in Three Children Own a Mobile Device

According to reports, almost one third of children under the age of ten years own a mobile phone handset with sixty nine per cent of parents saying they are given the device to stay in contact with parents whilst out.